All Jews are Indigenous

Anti-Zionists claim that converts to Judaism are not genuine Jews. Contrary to all genetic science do Anti-Zionists claim that Ashkenazi Jews are all descended from “European” converts to Judaism. Genetic science in contrast has determined that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from a mixture of Levantines and Italians although Middle Eastern origin predominates genetically. Who wereContinue reading “All Jews are Indigenous”

Mass Expulsions are Inhumane and are No Basis for Peace

The predominant conception of Palestinian statehood is premised on the idea of expelling up to 600 000 indigenous Jews from their homes. This is inhumane and furthermore unrealistic. This is an indigenous population that has restored its ancient residence and that cannot once more be revoked by cruel deportation as was done by the Romans.Continue reading “Mass Expulsions are Inhumane and are No Basis for Peace”