Turning the Tables on Iran’s Regional Strategy

Iran’s regional policy can be summarized as taking over the countries of the region by exploiting pre-existing ethnic discord and establishing regional armed formations. The US and the Israeli-Muslim alliance of majority-Muslim nations of the Arab world and the former Soviet Union need to turn the tables on Iran and apply Iran’s own strategy inside Iran itself against the Khomeinist regime. The ethnic Persians are less than half (some 45%) of the citizenry of Iran and the nurturing of pre-existing dissatisfaction of regional minorities can play an important part in strategically weakening the Islamist-Jihadist empire.

America and the Israeli-Muslim alliance have so far been reactive towards Iranian regional geostrategic expansionism while Iran consistently remains proactive in strategically taking the initiative throughout the region. By taking the fight inside Iran’s borders can the hostile entity be proactively destabilized and strategically undermined until it collapses due to losing all domestic political legitimacy.

Tehran has made its decision to reject the resumption of the JCPOA in favor of a strategic economic alignment with Beijing and so America and the Israeli-Muslim alliance therefore needs a fresh strategy against the Iranian neo-imperialist entity. There is luckily no need to put US boots on the ground. Regional rebel groups should be armed, empowered and indeed established where not already existing such as in Iranian Azerbaijan and may at a much later stage be given US air support as was given to the 2011 rebellion in Libya against the rule of Muammar Gadaffi. The ageing, antiquated Iranian air force is the weak point in Iranian military strategy and this should crucially be exploited by US military planners. It is quite easy for the US to establish aerial supremacy over Iran and then bomb Iranian units fighting regional rebels and attempting to control regional strategic locations.

Establishing a confederal Iran of European-style language-based member states will ensure that the destabilization will not become permanent and the region not becoming mired in civil war. There is still a large Khomeinist Islamist minority which may want to engage in Jihadism in a proactively destabilized and strategically undermined Iran but the vast majority of the Iranian population is now secularized.

This would also be a cost-effective strategy since arming rebels really does not cost much and there will be no dead US soldiers coming home in body bags. The US needs to empower the Israeli-Muslim alliance for this purpose and outsource as much as possible to their respective intelligence agencies.

Iran is planning to take over the entire Muslim world and subsequently dominate the rest of the world. This reincarnation of totalitarianism needs to be taken seriously. The chant of “death to America” in Iranian mosques indicates a real desire on the part of the regime to use weapons of mass destruction on American soil with nuclear impunity. Israel knows that Iran means what they chant and America needs to internalize the essential truth of this very real and very malign intent.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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