A Neo-Wilsonian US Policy for the Near East

The Kurds are faithful and staunchly pro-American allies of the United States despite the Trump administration’s shameful abandonment of the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) in Iraq and the AANEA (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria). It is crucially in the interest of the US to strengthen the Kurds as a strategic lever against Anti-American political Islam in the region. Just as the US benefited geostrategically from the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian and Soviet Empires, so will the US geostrategically benefit from the dissolution of the neo-Safavid Persian empire that is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The US should initiate a policy of arming secessionist movements in Iran (including the Baloch) as well as significantly arming neighbors – namely Kurdistan (both KRG and AANEA), Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan – that would territorially benefit from the dissolution of that Anti-American Iranian empire. The US should furthermore change internal policy and implicitly policy-wise support an independent Kurdistan in the Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi sections of geographic Kurdistan with territorial autonomy for the Kurds and the Zazas respectively inside the internationally recognized borders of the Republic of Turkey. An independent Kurdistan in half of geographic Kurdistan would become a second Israel and a beacon of pro-American power. Israel’s geostrategic position is significantly strengthened when the Kurds rule themselves and America supporting and arming the Kurds is not only pro-American but a pro-Israel policy that significantly strengthens Israel’s and America’s synchronized geostrategic posture in the region against hostile political Islam.

President Wilson with his famous 1918 Fourteen points as official US policy significantly contributed to the establishment of the European peace order as based on linguistically based independent nation states which now is the foundation of the European Union. The US government should change internal policy and implicitly support a confederal Iran of linguistically based member states just as President Wilson supported self-determination for the peoples of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Poland and others. The US should however be particularly mindful that unfair borders may breed further conflict just as it later did in Europe. The member states of a secularist, liberal-democratic confederal Iran would be free to remain or leave the union as they please. The dissolution of the Islamist empire will make sure that Persia never again poses a threat against America and its allies, including Israel.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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