Hezbollah must be Destroyed

The Iranian threat to Israel increases by the year. Hezbollah is converting its 150 000 stock of missiles into precision weapons. The cost of war with Hezbollah increases as Hezbollah’s inventory grows and becomes increasingly advanced. Israel therefore needs to plan for conquering the entire Lebanon. Eliminating Hezbollah’s missiles cannot happen through air strikes alone as most missiles are probably stored underground in the extensive tunnel system that Hezbollah built throughout Lebanon. What is becoming increasingly clear is that Israel may need to militarily occupy the entire Lebanon for several months in order to root out the missile threat. Dealing with the threat from the air would be entirely insufficient. The so-called “international community” may likely strive for a quick ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel without Israel destroying Hezbollah’s 150 000 stock of missiles as all intended for targeting civilian Israeli cities and border villages. Rather than focusing mainly on an air campaign as the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) typically does in its recurring wars with Hamas should Israel prepare for major ground invasion as in 1982. A rapid major ground invasion of Lebanon may be the most effective way to prevent Israeli loss of civilian life as Hezbollah’s massive missile barrage may cause thousands, even tens of thousands of civilian casualties in Israel.

Israel must be ready for the possibility that the US will ultimately fall back into the international consensus that the Iranian genocidal nuclear threat is a so-called “Jewish problem” that it is up to Israel to handle and resolve. Israel must be ready for massive international condemnation yet be cognizant that a blitzkrieg major ground invasion with the goal of temporarily conquering the entire Lebanon may be the most effective way to limit civilian casualties in both Lebanon and Israel.

Israel must be ready for the very highly likely possibility that Syria may be drawn into the war and must therefore prepare for the possibility of conquering parts of Syria as well. The IDF has not fought a ground war since 2014 yet is trained, equipped and ready for major war. An IDF blitzkrieg may need to conquer within two weeks or so the entire Lebanon, the Alawite mountainous coastal region in northwestern Syria and the Druze regions in southern Syria. Simultaneously will the Israel-allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in eastern and northern Syria mount an offensive with Israeli air support against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Under the cover of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) will the SDF conquer all parts of Ba’ath-controlled Syria that Israel does not conquer on its own. The SAA is exhausted after a long civil war and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) are no match for the IDF.

The war will need to be fought with two objectives; a) eliminating Hezbollah’s missile stockpile and b) permanently redrawing the map of Syria-Lebanon to prevent the Hezbollah threat from ever reemerging again. An Israel-allied Aramean Christian state will need to be set up in western and central Lebanon as well as in the Aramaic-language Maaloula-region in Western Syria as the legal continuation of the current Lebanese state. Israel would permanently conquer and subsequently annex the Alawite and Druze regions of Syria and Lebanon while the new SDF-led Syrian government would annex the rest of Lebanon in agreement with the new Aram. Israel would remain in control of the entire Lebanon for several months while rooting out Hezbollah’s 150 000 strong missile arsenal. The state of Aram would be founded as the legal continuation of the Lebanese state and the remaining non-Druze and non-Alawite parts of Lebanon would be handed over to the Kurdish-led SDF.  

The US and the rest of the so-called “international community” (including Russia which is involved in Syria) need to be aware of the consequences of inaction on Iran. Israel will destroy Iran’s genocidal nuclear weapons program if the US refrains from doing so and the consequence will be the major and final battle between Israel and Hezbollah. A short aerial campaign will not suffice as Israel cannot afford to not fully eliminate the Hezbollah threat. There is literally no strategic alternative to comprehensive victory. The Druze and Alawites of today are aware of being Jewish as this information has long since spread by word of mouth. The SDF will seek international recognition as the new government of Syria and will subsequently sign a treaty with Israel and Aram granting Israel the Golan heights and the Alawite and Druze regions of Syria and Lebanon.

While the so-called “international community” may issue intense diplomatic protests during the fighting is there no question that very few outside of Russia will mourn the demise of the last Ba’athist regime.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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