The Laughing Regime

Tehran accelerates its nuclear weapons program while not even pretending to negotiate. The regime watches on how the US and the so-called “international community” do precisely nothing. No snapback sanctions. The regime’s mass terror and WMD deterrence have been extremely successful since 2015 in creating and reinforcing the international consensus that Iran’s genocidal nuclear weapons program is a “Jewish problem” which it is up to Israel to deal with and resolve. Tehran even counts on that Jerusalem’s strategic threats are essentially empty rhetoric and that eventually Israel will do nothing strategically to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian assumption is that Israel relies on the US as it does not dare acting on its own as Hezbollah’s missiles could potentially bring down dozens of skyscrapers in Tel Aviv with tens of thousands of Israeli civilian casualties. Iran assumes that it successfully deters the US the way it deters the rest of the so-called “international community” with planned potential mass terror and WMD attacks on US soil by Iranian intelligence terrorist sleeper cells and that ultimately no one will dare to do anything strategically to prevent the regime from developing nuclear weapons just as no one did anything strategically to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

The regime is wrong about Israel and it may be wrong about the United States as well. The Iranian regime are Anti-Jewish bigots and as such do they assume that Jews are essentially “evil cowards”. Where the regime also errs in its calculus is the Jewish people’s experience from the Holocaust. The Jewish people knows what it means to be helpless in the face of intentions of extermination and Israel is determined for the Jewish people to never again find itself in that position of Jewish helplessness. The so-called “international community” is in contrast to Iran keenly aware of this and therefore counts on Israel to strategically degrade Iran’s nuclear weapons program and effectively so on their behalf as they too fear the utter lunacy of the Khomeinist regime. Tehran in contrast believes that it will prevail because it believes that Allah is on their side of history. The regime’s experience is that so far have its regional strategies prevailed and Israel, the US and the so-called “international community” have not acted strategically to counter Iran’s nuclear and regional strategic ambitions but have at most responded tactically. The regime believes itself to have reason to continue laughing at what it considers the feebleness of Israel, the US and the so-called “international community”. Well, they are wrong, at least about Israel.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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