Whither America

Will America turn isolationist on Islamdom? Iran is counting on that the Biden administration will continue the US military withdrawal from Islamdom as first announced by the isolationist Trump administration. America is energy independent and no longer relies on Gulf oil and therefore there is a certain logic in the US militarily disengaging from an economically underdeveloped Islamdom where some US strategists consider that the US has little to no interests left. However, Iran is hell-bent on destabilizing the region with severe global implications. It would therefore be a strategic severe mistake for the US to give in to the strategic extortion of Iranian mass terrorist WMD deterrence and outsource the strategic degradation of the Iranian nuclear weapons program to Israel with no doubt grave consequences for regional stability in the Levant, probably in the Gulf and potentially in the Caspian region.

The most respected King Salman of Saudi Arabia would be particularly well advised to listen to his wise son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud and consider that Saudi normalization with Israel is fundamentally unrelated to the hopeless Palestinian issue and that Saudi normalization with Israel is even more a Saudi interest than an Israeli one as the Kingdom is militarily and diplomatically dependent on Israel but not vice versa. Strategic military integration between the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the SAAF (Saudi Arabian Armed Forces) is a key Saudi strategic national interest that is now more critical than ever to the very survival of the Kingdom in the face of the Iranian threat. Economic and diplomatic normalization will cement ties between the two nations and will crucially serve to strategically weaken Iran in the region. Putting off normalization with Israel and somehow connecting this with the utterly dead Palestinian issue is a severe strategic miscalculation by Riyadh which calamitously endangers Saudi national security and Saudi national interests in the region. Israel’s joint strategic national interests with Saudi Arabia are crucially unique in that these are not dependent on the question of oil production but are fundamentally territorial in both nations being dependent on stopping the expansion of the Khomeinist empire in its tracks and strategically ensuring its very dissolution.

Critics of the Biden administration early argued that the Biden administration was the third Obama administration. President Obama, although a great friend of Israel and Islam had the peculiar idea that never came to fruition of the US aligning with the Islamists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime. The question is rather if the Biden administration is the second Trump administration in terms of promoting an isolationist policy? The time will soon be up and we will see who will strategically degrade Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the US or Israel. The moment of truth is fast approaching and the US will soon have to show its true colors.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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