Time is Running Out

Not much time is left for the resumption of the JCPOA as the Khomeinist regime races to the bomb as Iran is weeks away from nuclear threshold status. Tehran claims that it will return to the Vienna negotiations in two to three months time, yet it should be clear to all by now that Tehran has long since made an economically logical strategic decision to ditch resumption of the JCPOA in favor of an economic alliance with Washington’s rival in Beijing. Why would any Europeans do business with or invest in Iran when the next Republican administration would in any case reimpose the sanctions regime? The Iranian regime is lunatic and mostly highly rational, yet not always so. Iran decided to accelerate its nuclear weapons program and it is strangely miscalculating that no one will stop it.

This is a testing time for President Joe Biden. Will he stand up to the challenge and strategically degrade Iran’s nuclear weapons program or will he fall back into the international consensus according to which Iran’s genocidal nuclear weapons program is a “Jewish problem” which it is up to Israel to resolve? Is America truly back or is it not really? Is America committed to regional stability in the Middle East outside Iran and reverse destabilization by bringing Iran’s strategy of divide and rule and ethnic militarization inside Iran’s borders? Who is the superpower? Will the superpower do the job? These are weighty questions to ponder as President Joe Biden will have to make a difficult decision to launch a strategic operation against the Iranian nuclear weapons program. If he doesn’t then America’s credibility will greatly suffer and America’s Middle Eastern Muslim allies may lose all confidence in the United States. The global strategic challenge of President Joe Biden is crucially to make sure that America remains the sole superpower. However, being the sole superpower comes with perks, yet it also carries crucial responsibility. The moment of truth is fast approaching.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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