A People that Dwells Alone

As during the Holocaust is the Jewish people effectively left to its own devices. It is not that the Jewish people lacked friends at the time but rather that most did little to stop the genocide against the Jewish people. The situation is unchanged in this respect with the main difference being that there is now a powerful, independent Jewish nation state quite able to defend the Jewish nation against all threats against it.

The Jihadist, totalitarian regime in Tehran is quite effective in instilling fear in the so-called “international community”, including Washington and Jerusalem’s allies in the Middle East. Israel will defy all regional and global fears and decisively strategically degrade Iran’s nuclear weapons program despite the fact that this operation will need to be carried out once more after a few years if the regime remains in power as Tehran will no doubt rebuild its nuclear weapons program after it has been partially destroyed by Israeli air strikes.

The main present threat against Israel however is Iran’s threat to order Hezbollah “to destroy Tel Aviv” in response to Israel’s strategic degradation of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. There can be no doubt that Iranian intelligence has prepared sleeper cells to perpetrate mass terrorist attacks against other nations (including potentially with chemical, biological and radiological weapons of mass destruction) were those nations seen by the Khomeinist regime as complicit in Israel’s strategic degradation of Iran’s nuclear weapons program and hence the intense international fear of doing anything of being associated with countering Iran’s nuclear weapons program. 

Iran as an international actor is mostly highly strategically rational but its rationality is delimited by its ideology which is one of hate, extremism, mass murder, medievalism and modern totalitarianism, i.e. abject unreason. It is certainly paradoxical that Israel stands alone at a point of time when Israel’s standing in the international community is stronger and more influential than ever before. 

Israel alone will absorb the heavy price of taking action on behalf of the so-called “international community” that wishes nothing more than for Israel to destroy as much as possible of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Thousands and even tens of thousands may die in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities throughout Israel but Israel knows full well that no price is too high for survival. 

The essential conclusion is that Israel must permanently eradicate the entire northern threat so that this attack against Tel Aviv won’t be repeated all over again a few years from now when Israel once more strategically degrades Iran’s nuclear weapons programs after it has been rebuilt by the totalitarian regime in Tehran. There can be no room for the regional instability of a “northern cycle of war” and this must be permanently prevented by brave and strategic action to bring permanent peace to the northern front in response to Hezbollah’s upcoming frontal assault against Tel Aviv and other cities throughout out Israel.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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