Harming Israel does not help the Palestinians

For 73 years have Palestinian nationalists and other Anti-Zionists worldwide peddled the ingrained myth that harming Israel militarily, security-wise, politically, economically, culturally and academically will somehow help the Palestinians. It just does not work that way. No effort at harming Israel has ever helped the Palestinians. It has been tried over and over again for 73 years and the failure is consistent. 

The main reason Anti-Zionists keep advocating for harming Israel is not their genuine desire to improve conditions for Palestinians but rather their strong desire to destroy Israel. It just is not true that isolating, harming, demonizing and attacking Israelis somehow mystically improves the lot of the Palestinian people – on the contrary can it have the opposite effect if Israel’s security worsens and the conflict is aggravated.

Gaza is a case in point. Israel did not withdraw from Gaza for the sake of the Palestinians but rather to get rid of Gaza. The international community however, encouraged Israel to withdraw from Gaza for the sake of the Palestinians, apparently oblivious of the severe consequences that were to come for the Palestinians due to the worsening conflict. From a Palestinian humanitarian perspective would it have been preferable if the Israeli military had remained in Gaza since this would have saved thousands of Palestinian lives that were lost in subsequent wars and Palestinian living conditions in Gaza were far better as prior to the Israeli disengagement from Gaza in 2005. Yet, Israel’s critics refuse to learn from the Gaza disaster and do not realize that the same thing would happen all over again were Israel to pull out from Judea and Samaria. The European Union earlier in 2021 called for Palestinian elections – apparently oblivious of the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections which were won by the Jihadist-Islamist terrorist organization Hamas and led to their takeover of Gaza in 2007. Palestinian opinion polls show that Hamas is by far the most popular Palestinian political party and would once more win a Palestinian legislative election. Does the European Union seek a repeat of the Gaza disaster in Judea and Samaria? 

In conclusion, nothing that harms Israel helps the Palestinians whether the intentions of the “advisors” are benign or malign. 

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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