The Alawite People do not Control Syria

The Syrian regime is famously dominated by ethnic Alawites – Alawism being a denomination of Median Judaism – yet the Alawite people are, despite popular conception, not in control of Syria. 

The Alawite people were ruthlessly suppressed and persecuted during Ottoman rule but became prominent in the military during the French period during which they were granted their own autonomous state.

Decades of Ba’athist totalitarian dictatorship and a decade of Jihadist incitement against the Alawites has produced significant popular resentment and hatred among the majority Sunni Arab population of Syria against the minority Alawite Crypto-Jewish community. In fact, the intensity of the hatred has long since reached genocidal proportions and there is little doubt that the Alawites would have risked extermination short of Israeli humanitarian intervention had the Ba’athist regime lost the civil war with the Jihadists.

The majority Sunni Arab population tend to blame Alawites generally for the crimes of the Ba’athist regime despite the fact that most Alawites are completely innocent of the crimes committed by the regime.

While it is true that a disproportionate number of Alawites are wealthy, educated and privileged, most Alawites still live in their traditional mountainous region of northwest Syria. While the regime is indeed controlled by ethnic Alawites, the regime is not controlled by the Alawite people and it is not in the interest of the Alawite people to remain part of Syria. Rather, the future of the Crypto-Jewish Alawite people lies with Israel. It is distinctly in the interest of the Jewish Alawite people for their region to unite with the State of Israel.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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