A False Dichotomy

Palestinian propaganda has in recent decades consistently claimed that Israel “has to choose” between a so-called “two-state solution” which entails endangering the Jewish state and a so-called “one-state solution” which entails endangering endangering the Jewish people. This is a patently false choice. The Palestinian side sees a so called “two-state solution” as a purely transitional one before Israel is engulfed by millions of Anti-Zionist descendants of Palestinian ex-refugees in thus no doubt replacing the temporary two-state solution with a “Final solution” as thus intended and declared by the chairman of the Arab League already in 1948 and by the chairman of the PLO in 1967.

Jewish demographic growth in Israel will enable Jerusalem to apply sovereignty over the entire Judea and Samaria. Jordan will no doubt be most happy to subsequently annex Gaza. The original plan was for this to happen thanks to the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) demographic explosion and the consistently and continually falling Palestinian fertility rates in Israel and Judea and Samaria. However this will no doubt happen earlier due to the rediscovery of tens of millions of Median Jews in the Middle East and beyond.

The very terms “two-state solution” and “one-state solution” were invented by Palestinian propaganda to create an illusion of an ultimatum as well as a trap of an “either-or”. This was always a false choice and Israeli strategic planners always knew this and thus wisely and timely invested heavily in the strategically located indigenous restorative communities in Judea and Samaria that provide Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with essential strategic depth. Those strategic planners were always right of course and the international community which condemned Israel did not understand the underlying strategic rationale as Israel declined to explain its long-term demographic calculus. 

Deconstructing this false dichotomy as borne out of Palestinian propaganda is indeed essential to the pursuit of genuine and lasting peace throughout the entire Levant.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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