Is Judaism Authentic Without Knowledge of Esoteric Judaism?

Knowledge of Esoteric Judaism is shared by small initiated elites in Haredi Orthodox Judaism, Sabbateanism, Mandaeism, denominations of core Median Judaism and possibly Shinto (whose practitioners are not halakhically Jewish because the Japanese are also Buddhists yet practice Median Judaism).

Of course Esoteric Judaism (essentially neo-Sumerianism) is very different from Rabbinic Judaism, which is merely the outer garment of Esoteric Judaism which in the view of Haredi top poskim (rabbinic decisors) is only supposed to be revealed to the world in messianic times. Yet has not Zionism, the high tech revolution and now the rediscovery of Median Jewry effectively brought about the beginnings of the flowering of the messianic era? Should we not bring about the messianic age by advanced technological innovation? Just as Zionism refused to wait for a personal Mashiach (messiah) to ingather the exiles, so should we also perhaps refuse to wait for a personal Mashiach to bring about the emerging technological redemption of the world?

Nevertheless, from the Haredi perspective, non-Orthodox Judaism and even non-Haredi Orthodox Judaism are illegitimate because their poskim lack knowledge of Esoteric Judaism, the secret Sumerian teachings of Judaism. The Mossad Research Department should focus its considerable and advanced human resources on deciphering Esoteric Judaism by studying the sacred literatures of core Median Judaism, Rabbinic Judaism, Mandaeism and Shinto through the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing, compile numerous books on the subject and then publish them in multiple languages. It is about time that this is revealed to the world. The Jewish nation ought to return to its ancient Sumerian roots.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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