The So-Called “Refugee Question” is at the Core of the Conflict

It is popular to claim that the strategically located restorative indigenous communities of Judea and Samaria are obstacles to peace when the Kushner peace map proves that those indigenous communities are perfectly compatible with a two-state solution and would all become part of Israel under that peace plan. Rather, anyone who has spent time critically studying the so-called Palestinian “refugee question” knows that it is irresolvable since the Palestinian side insists on unlimited immigration of millions of Anti-Zionists without end. The Palestinian demand that Israel recognizes the so-called “Palestinian right of return” for millions of Anti-Zionists who have never lived in Israel is an effective recipe for Israel’s destruction as a Jewish state and that of course is the very intention.

The PLO/PA has succeeded in duping the world into believing that they want peace when in fact the opposite is true, they want the end of the Jewish state and they openly say so time and again. Palestinian children are systematically indoctrinated into the doctrine of Anti-Zionism, namely the determination to destroy the Jewish state and thus effective opposition to the two-state solution in all but name. Yet the EU funds the Anti-Zionist Palestinian Authority despite Anti-Zionist, anti-peace indoctrination. Would the EU consider funding Germans who demand “the right of return” to places where their grandparents lived in the Czech Republic and Poland? Of course not. They would rightly be considered rightwing extremists. But Palestinians who make the same demands are conveniently provided with generous funding by the European Union. Why this double standard? Why ignore this intransigence and Anti-Zionist rejectionism which is at the very core of the conflict and serves as a convenient irredentist cover for effectively claiming all of Israel by flooding Israel with hostile Anti-Zionists? Of course, this is a fantasy which will never materialize, but nevertheless those very malign anti-peace fantasizers should certainly not be encouraged.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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