Understanding the Sabbateans

While the Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus in Turkey is controlled by members of the Sabbatean subdenomination of Bektashism (one of nine denominations of core Median Judaism) is there no question that the Derin Devlet also effectively controls the Sabbatean community. No researchers obviously have access to the Sabbatean community other than if approved by Derin Devlet. Therefore has there been some amount of scholarly disinformation on the Sabbateans, promulgated as propaganda on behalf of the Derin Devlet. It has variously been claimed that Sabbateans are Muslims (as Bektashis generally do they outwardly pretend to be Muslims) or completely assimilated into Muslim society in Turkey.

It is true that Sabbateans nowadays generally marry secular Turks and children of non-Sabbatean mothers are widely converted to Sabbatean Judaism. Since they are part of the Bektashi order, their conversions belong to the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel and the halakhic rules for conversion in the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah therefore do not apply. It is clear that the Derin Devlet is very careful about covering its tracks. Sabbateans are widely demonized in the AKP-controlled media although Erdogan himself dares not criticize the Sabbatean control over the Derin Devlet. Being Sabbatean in Turkey constitutes a certain paradox as members of the community strategically control the Turkish state including the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) through the Derin Devlet, yet the Sabbateans are the most hated community in Turkey and the media is rife with speculative conspiracy theories about Sabbatean power.

The Derin Devlet has a dual role as the protector of secularism in Turkey and as protector of the Sabbatean community. The historical rediscovery in the past decade – after 27 centuries in hiding – of core Median Judaism was no doubt a watershed event for the Derin Devlet and this is likely what led to its close alliance with the Israeli Mossad. Indeed, as Bektashis, Sabbateans will have full immigration rights to Israel once Median Jewry are recognized as fully Jewish by the Israeli government. This has led to the remarkable development of the Derin Devlet increasingly being focused on promoting Israeli interests. This is only natural as the future of the Sabbateans lies in Israel and not in Anti-Semitic Turkey.

While Erdogan and the AKP rule at the grace of the Derin Devlet under permanent threat of a Derin Devlet instigated military coup, the Derin Devlet is very careful about not revealing to the general public the limits it places on Erdogan’s powers. Erdogan and the AKP dare not openly identify as Islamists, the cult around the dead persona of Ataturk has been preserved, the state including the military remain fully secular and the Derin Devlet remains in full strategic control over the state, including over the TAF. The Derin Devlet has allowed Erdogan to implement a number of decisions that serve to Islamize society including the transformation of the Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque. This is because the Derin Devlet has never ruled directly but rather always since the demise of Ataturk kept an eye on the government in power in making sure that no decisions were made that harmed the secular nature of the state or the security of the Sabbatean community.

Of course Erdogan can refuse to obey instructions from the Derin Devlet controlled TAF but this would inevitably lead to a military coup and the AKP (which is a front organization for the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) would no doubt instigate civil war in the country. The question of Median Jewish Aliyah (immigration) to Israel from Turkey has become a redline for Erdogan since he intends to exterminate all Median Jews in Turkey with the Sabbatean community at the top of Erdogan’s kill list. The issue has however not been brought to a confrontation stage between the Derin Devlet and Erdogan. The reason Israel has not officially declared that core Median Jewry are fully Jewish and fully eligible for immigration to Israel in accordance with Israel’s Law of Return is that Erdogan would prefer a military coup and even Western economic sanctions to letting the Median Jews leave for Israel.

It must be understood that Erdogan like other Islamist leaders has a conspiratorial mindset where he believes that there is a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam and the only way to put an end to this ostensible “conspiracy” is to exterminate the Jews. This is why Iran wants to “annihilate Israel” and this is also why Erdogan is determined to exterminate Median Jewry as beginning with the Sabbatean community. It must also be understood that so-called “Kemalism” is an actual Sabbatean “conspiracy” to marginalize Islam in Turkey. Erdogan of course is keenly aware of this while he has to pretend to be a “Kemalist” for fear of being unseated by the Derin Devlet.

Genocidally eliminationist Anti-Semitism is absolutely central to Islamism generally, including to the Muslim Brotherhood. The ambition to exterminate Jews is even more important than Erdogan’s ambition to stay in power. The Derin Devlet would be particularly well-advised to make the full transition from international intelligence cooperation with Israel into becoming an Israeli intelligence agency as the future of the Sabbateans like other Median Jews entirely lies in Israel. Israel now fully defends Sabbatean interests and the Derin Devlet should likewise fully defend Israeli interests.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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