Futile Diplomacy

Once a no-fly zone is imposed by a coalition of Israel and allied nations of Islamdom over Iran and Israel has destroyed the Iranian nuclear weapons program will Iran and its proxies retaliate with chemical weapons attacks not only against Israeli cities but indeed against major cities worldwide. Who can seriously believe that “the Great Satan” would be spared irrespective of any amount of attempts by the State Department to appease Iran? America is an obvious and inevitable target for Iran irrespective of whether America participates in the international alliance that imposes the no-fly zone over Iran. Therefore America has nothing to lose from participating in the Anti-Iran alliance that will impose the no-fly zone over Iran since major American cities will in any case be attacked with chemical weapons.

The US government is reportedly seeking a partial agreement with Tehran that would freeze the Iranian uranium enrichment in return for some sanctions relief. This is another sign that the US government is desperate over the prospect of another 9/11, this time organized and perpetrated by Iran with chemical weapons. Tehran is entirely unlikely to agree to a partial agreement since they have little to to gain from one. America will not attack the Iranian nuclear weapons program and Israel’s military project for the destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program will not be ready for implementation until at the earliest in late 2022. Therefore there is no deterrence factor and Iran has no reason whatsoever to enter into a partial agreement with the US. America’s apparent desperation at the prospect of another 9/11 only serves to further undermine, indeed discredit America’s deterrence posture since Iran is confident that the Democratic administration will not respond with nuclear weapons to chemical weapons attacks against the American homeland. 

While America bought temporal immunity from Iranian chemical weapons attacks through the JCPOA in 2015, this will not be repeated under any circumstances since Iran knows full well that any agreement with the Democratic administration will be abrogated by the next Republican administration in the United States. 

The US government needs to internalize that its attempts to repeat the 2015 appeasement are entirely hopeless; it would rather be well-advised to join the emerging international Anti-Iran coalition that will impose a no-fly zone over Iran. This, unlike the administration’s desperate attempts at appeasement, would actually serve the US national interest.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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