Why I Oppose Messianism

Messianism is irrational since it is based on metaphysical wishful thinking. The two-state illusion is one such messianic folly which disregards that peace has to be built based on realistic expectations and not on messianic pipe dreams. While I do respect religion I reject messianic expectations according to which some irrational expectation will bring redemption. This is irrational. In Judaism is messianism the idea that four messianic figures (the prophet Elijah, the Righteous Priest, Messiah son of Yosef and Messiah son of David) by their mere appearance will bring human bliss. This irrational and dangerous belief for millennia prevented the indigenous Jewish nation from abandoning the degradation and oppression of the Diaspora and returning to the indigenous land of Israel.

Zionism is the real messiah of the Jewish nation and high tech is the real messiah of humanity with the realistic potential of solving all human problems. Zionism is the idea that the Jews will engineer their own redemption rather than wait for a messiah (Messiah son of David) to miraculously do the job. Today, high tech is resolving problems that were assumed to be irresoluble and Alphabet Inc. (the publicly traded conglomerate that owns Google) even has a subsidiary devoted to stopping aging. One future front is genetics where AI with the help of anonymized medical records will map the interrelationships and influences of genes. Designer babies and curing all genetically based medical conditions are only a matter of time.

There is an opinion in the Talmud that the messianic era will not involve a personal messiah. However, the importance of individual visionary leadership such as that of Theodor Herzl should not be underestimated and individual initiative in high tech entrepreneurship is vital as redemption is essentially a DIY (do it yourself) project. It will not be brought about by metaphysical means but by real visionary leadership in both Zionism and high tech. Denominations of Judaism should encourage young people to become leaders in high tech and thus together help bring about redemption.

It is true that I have taken upon myself nominally messianic task (revealing core Median Judaism, reconstructing the history of Median Jewry, revealing the secrets of Esoteric Judaism and help bring about the return of Median Jewry to Israel), however this makes me even more adamant in rejecting the dangerous unreason inherent in messianism. Messianism is the idea that someone will appear and mystically do the job for you without you yourself having to do anything. This is irrational. Real visionary leadership is about action and not metaphysical expectations.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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