The Poisonous Legacy of Operation SIG

The Soviet Union was very early in recognizing Israel on May 17, 1948 in no doubt hoping that then democratic socialist Israel would align with the Communist Soviet Union. However, the Labor-led government of Israel prioritized relations with fellow liberal democracies. The Soviet Union became officially Anti-Semitic in propagating the conspiracy theory that the United States was a mere front for a global Jewish conspiracy. The KGB invented the idea of mobilizing Anti-Semitism as a force against the United States through a comprehensive propaganda program against Israel known as Operation SIG. At the time America was not yet Israel’s main ally as France was Israel’s international protector until abandoning Israel prior to the 1967 Six Day War. This led Israel to instead align with the United States. The conspiracy theory of the American-Jewish “octopus” was therefore unrelated to the relationship between Israel and the United States as the conspiracy theory emerged at a time when Israel and the United States were not yet strategic allies and major American Jewish organizations had not yet become politically influential in articulating joint US-Israel strategic interests. While tactically targeting Israel was the strategic objective to harm the United States in Islamdom and by extension promote Communism in Muslim lands. 

What is the conceptual basis of Operation SIG? The idea was to skillfully embed Anti-Semitism into political discourses in ways that are not immediately obvious. E.g. the KGB invented and propagated the false idea that Israel is ostensibly an “Apartheid state”. This was based thoroughly on preceding Nazi propaganda, namely the claims 1) that Jews are a racial group (despite the multiracial and multiethnic nature of the Jewish people which accepts converts irrespective of genetic origins), 2) that Jews seek to racially dominate non-Jews, 3) that Jews are racial oppressors and 4) that Jews are racially alien to the place where they live. These are all core Nazi ideas and are today the foundational ideas of the BDS movement and of leftwing Anti-Semitism generally.

The PLO was founded as a KGB intelligence outfit and Palestinian propaganda experts were apparently given access to the covert structure of the vast discursive propaganda complex created by Operation SIG. The foundational idea is to promote Anti-Semitism by means of deliberate discrimination against Jews within discourses which are designed to sound progressive and anti-racist but in fact are reactionary and racist. This is done by hiding Anti-Semitic premises in discourses in ways that are not at all apparent. Operation SIG was a major disinformation effort and its poisonous legacy remains as its Anti-Semitic structure is still used in Palestinian propaganda and its various echos around the world.

I exposed the structure (complete with tens of thousands of examples) of this discursive propaganda complex – originally created by Operation SIG and further developed by Palestinian propaganda experts – on a previous website that is now defunct:

>Anti-Jewish Disenfranchisement

>>Demands for Anti-Jewish Discrimination

>>>Demanding Discrimination

>>>Discriminating Jews for being Israeli

>>>Discriminating Israel for being Jewish

>>>Imperialist Discrimination

>>>Discrimination for Anti-Jewish Eradication

>>>Regional Projective Discrimination

>>>Geographic Discrimination

>>>Retroactive Discrimination

>>>Proactive Discrimination

>>>Preferential Anti-Jewish Discrimination

>>Depoliticization of Jews

>>>Demanding Jewish non-involvement in Politics

>>>Anti-Jewish Exemplarism

>>>Anti-Jewish Culture Denial

>>>Demands that Jews shed their Jewish Identities

>>>Jewish Freedom as Ontological Anomaly

>>>Anti-Jewish Gentilization

>>>Negating Jewish Political Agency

>>>Anti-Jewish Replacement Ideology

>>>Anti-Jewish Idealization

>>>Anti-Jewish Aversion against Euphemistic Collectives

>>Anti-Jewish Essentialism

>>>Anti-Jewish Psychology

>>>Intrinsically Evil Jews

>>>Intrinsically Unequal, Carnal Jews

>>>Jewish Views are wrong due to being Collectively Jewish

>>>Anti-Jewish Continentalism

>>>Double Racism

>>>Genetic Purity

>>>Counterfeit Jews

>>>Anti-Jewish Reductionism

>>>Atrocity Libel


>>Indirect Denial of Israel’s Right to Exist

>>>Denying Israel’s Right to Exist by Reference to Universal Problems/Issues

>>>Denying the Basis of Jewish Self-Determination

>>>Denial of Israel’s right to Control its Frontiers/Borders

>>>Denial of Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

>>>Anti-Jewish Ontology

>>>Domestic Differences make Israel Illegitimate

>>>Jews are wrong because they are Jewish

>>>Declarative Lies

>>>Immoral Perfectionism

>Anti-Jewish Geographic Inversion

>>Absolution by Inversion

>>>Jews are Nazis

>>>Replacement Catharsis

>>>Denial Political Agency of Israel’s Adversaries

>>>Jews are European Colonialists

>>>Moral Equivalence

>>>Inverting Anti-Jewish Disinterest in Jewish well-being

>>>Projection of Crimes of Christendom

>>>Discriminatory Word Usage

>>Jewish Domination

>>>Jewish Ethnocracy

>>>Virtual Occupation

>>>Jewish Mind Control

>>>Jewish Colonialism

>>Evil Jewish Conspiracy

>>>Jewish Strategy of Suffering

>>>Hidden Motives

>>>Jewish Bio-Warfare

>>Blaming Jews for acts by others

>>>Predominantly Christian Peoples

>>>Predominantly Muslim Peoples

>>>Guilt Transfer

>>Anti-Jewish Apartheid

>>>Demanding Exclusively Palestinian Ethnic Privileges

>>>Projecting Palestinian Apartheid Ideology onto Israel

>>>Apartheid Conspiracy

>>>Accusing Israel of Apartheid on account of Lies

>>>Accusing Israel of Apartheid by Reference to Universal Problems/Issues

>>>Assuming that the PLO/PA is a Legitimate “Apartheid Government”

>>National, Ethnic, Religious and/or Ideological Inversion

>>>Arabism – Inversion

>>>>Arabophone states – Inversion

>>>Islam – Inversion

>>>Islamism – Inversion

>>>>Islamist states – Inversion

>>>Palestinism – Inversion

>>>Geographic Racism

>>>Anti-Jewish Political Eschatology


>>Hijacking of Discourses without Self-Adherence

>>Anti-Jewish Dyslogocentrism

>>Anti-Jewish Judeocentrism

>>Blaming Present Jews for Ascribed/Actual Jewish Past

>>Anti-Jewish Propaganda Techniques for Discursive Discrimination

>>Anti-Jewish Denial

>>>Anti-Jewish Determinism

>>>Denying Jewish Present

>>>Denying Jewish Past

>Justifying Anti-Jewish Aversions

>>Group Immunity from holding Anti-Jewish Aversions

>>Israel is itself Justification for Anti-Jewish Aversions

>>Group Justification of Anti-Jewish Expression

>>Intrinsic Opposition to Critique of Anti-Jewish Aversions

>>Anti-Jewish Epistemology

>>Secular/Religious Anti-Jewish Imperialism

>>>Anti-Jewish Imperialism of Christendom

>>>Anti-Jewish Imperialism of Islamdom

>>>Illegitimate Jewish Fears

>>>Deliberate Errors in Judicial Discourse

>>Trivialization of Anti-Jewish Aversions

>>>Endorsement of Anti-Jewish Motives

>>>Peripheral Hostility

>>>Etymological Defense of Anti-Jewish Aversions

>>>Indirect Justification of Anti-Jewish genocide

>>Expecting less from others than from Jews

>>>Higher Expectations from Jews by Inconsistent Reference

>>>Expecting Jews to Act without Regard for Self-Interest

>>>Sacrifice of Jews on behalf of Gentiles

>>>Making Special Demands from Jews

>>>Bisected Gentile/Jewish Ontology

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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