Israel cannot be Expected to Abide by Anti-Jewish Criminalization

Israel has since the inception of Operation SIG been subjected to propaganda discourses of systematic discursive discrimation based on thinly disguised Anti-Semitism. The method is hiding Anti-Semitic premises in superficially universalistic-sounding discourses that are actually deliberately discriminatory.

This has also been applied to discourses of international law. Israel is consistently meticulous in adhering by the letter of international law but it does not really matter. There is system of discursive discrimination in place whereby it is claimed that international consensus against Israel overrules the letter of international law. What is this? This is a pattern of Anti-Semitic criminalization of Jews. The message to the restored indigenous sovereign Jewish nation is effectively that there is no point in adhering to the letter of codified international law since Israel will always be overruled by the Anti-Semitic consensus of Anti-Jewish criminalization. It is remarkable that Israel, considering this consistently despicable treatment, insists on adhering by the letter of codified international law.

One example, the Palestinians claim a right of return to Israel for ex-refugees and their descendants despite their exodus predating the alleged legislation of that principle. International law is generally not retroactive, yet there is nevertheless an international consensus that Palestinian so-called “refugees” have “a right of return” to Israel. If Israel abided by that discriminatory consensus then Israel would cease to exist. If Israel abided by the international discriminatory consensus then Israel could not defend itself. If Israel abided by the international discriminatory consensus then the Jewish people would inexorably be subjected to the completion of the failed genocide as prepared in 1947. And this is the same international community that claims to have learned the lessons from the Holocaust!

What is Anti-Jewish criminalization? There is a long tradition of Anti-Jewish criminalization in both Christendom and Islamdom. This culminated in the Holocaust where the Jews were murdered on account of ostensibly being “criminals”.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be particularly well-advised to point out the Anti-Semitic trope of Anti-Jewish criminalization to diplomatic interlocutors whenever and wherever it appears. This is subconscious racism at its worst since there is no other subconscious racism in the world that enjoys so much legitimacy.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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