Exposing and Discrediting Operation SIG

How can the vast discursive complex of Operation SIG best be exposed and discredited? If we deconstruct Operation SIG discourses, then we find that there is a consistent pattern of Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination, i.e. discrimination against Jews within discourses, mostly against the Jewish state as the collective Jew. The discourses themselves on the surface superficially sound universalistic and progressive but there are always deliberately hidden Anti-Semitic premises with the purpose of activating latent Anti-Semitism. Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination is thus for the most part subconscious racism.

There are tens of thousands of Operation SIG propaganda libels that I have documented and the question is therefore how the State of Israel can formulate a strategy to fight Operation SIG since it is impractical to rebut them all considering their sheer numbers. A good start would be to train Israeli diplomats, employees in Zionist organizations and generally pro-Israel advocates in practical deconstruction. The literature on deconstruction is famously esoteric in deconstructionists practicing the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. There is however a good and easy introduction to deconstruction and that is “Deconstruction in a Nutshell: A Conversation with Jacques Derrida” edited with a commentary by John D. Caputo, New York, Fordham University Press, 1997. This short book offers a lucid introduction to what deconstruction is and makes it easy to subsequently practice without having double PhDs in literature and philosophy. This book should be compulsory reading for Israeli diplomats and employees in Zionist organizations around the world. Being able to deconstruct is essential for deciphering Anti-Semitic premises of Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination. This is so as the Anti-Semitic premises cannot be uncovered (i.e. be made conscious) unless the discourses are first deconstructed.

The other arena is academia. It is urgent to lay the foundations for a new field of Jewish critical theory that would be devoted to the triple purpose of 1) theorizing indigenous rights around the world including in the MENA region, 2) introducing rabbinical/talmudic modes of thought into critical studies and 3) exposing Anti-Jewish structures in discourse, including Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination of Operation SIG. 

The Mossad research department needs to commission Zionist scholars in Jewish studies and elsewhere to found Jewish critical theory and needs to encourage and subsequently fund Zionist PhD students to write doctoral dissertations in the new field of Jewish critical theory with the purpose of encouraging them to pursue academic careers. 

My own systematic typology of Operation SIG Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination constitutes raw material for Mossad-employed scientists and Mossad-sponsored scientists to write scientific works. The typology is in itself rather impractical due to the sheer mass of information which I, being a relatively high IQ autistic savant, compiled almost entirely from memory and wrote down in deconstructed form. However, it should be made accessible to all scientists who are either employed by or otherwise funded by the Mossad. The typology is a veritable gold mine for deconstruction of Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination since it contains the Enigma Code of Operation SIG in roughly reconstructed form. Therefore the typology can become a tremendous source of inspiration for scholars in Jewish critical theory in unraveling and deconstructing Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination. 

I have personally no interest in developing a public persona or being publicly credited for my achievements and so there is absolutely no need to quote or attribute me or my texts in scholarly works since I am perfectly content with remaining unknown to the general public.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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