Dialectics of Democratic Decline

Liberal democracy in Western Europe is threatened from two different directions. On the one hand by the Islamizers, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis and on the other hand by the Anti-Muslim political parties that are prominent throughout Western Europe. There is a certain dialectics between the two however. The Anti-Muslim political parties generate Islamophobia which fuels racism, segregation and Islamization. The Islamists engage in deliberate Islamization of society which not entirely unsurprisingly leads to increasingly growing sympathies for Anti-Muslim political parties. It is clear that in the short and medium term are the Anti-Muslim political political parties the far greatest threat of the two although in the long term do the Islamists pose the greatest threat to European democracy. What to do then? In order to halt the growth in Islamization and the growth in electoral sympathies for Anti-Muslim political parties must there be a moratorium on non-European immigration until Western Europe’s Muslim minorities have been fully integrated and its Islamist movements dismantled and discredited among Muslims. A fresh opinion poll in France shows that Marine Le Pen would get 47% and Emmanuel Macron 53% in a second round of the 2022 French presidential elections. These are shocking figures which show how out of touch the French mainstream political establishment is. Western European politicians must internalize that immigration is turning dystopian and it would of course be simplistic to blame the immigrants. Focus needs to urgently shift from mass immigration to integration of those already in Europe. The current dangerous dialectics where Islamophobes and Islamizers are undermining democracy in tandem must be recognized as a genuine threat to liberal democracy in Western Europe that is getting worse by the year.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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