Why the Russians are Lying on Ukraine

Moscow is infamous for its worldwide disinformation campaigns. Not only was it Czarist Russian intelligence which devised the infamous forgery of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and Soviet intelligence (or even Josef Stalin himself) which coined the neologism “dezinformatsiya”. The KGB through Operation SIG is also also the origin of most contemporary Anti-Semitism, as it was the KGB which came up with the idea of using Anti-Semitism to mobilize the Muslim world against the United States. The effects of this can still be seen e.g. in Islamism and its Soviet-inspired view of the American superpower as a Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam.

However, the Russian propaganda narrative on Ukraine is almost scandalously incompent or at least it appears so at this stage. Why is Moscow peddling this bizarre propaganda about Kyiv being controlled by “Nazis and drug addicts”? Is it because they have no case for invading? No, it is because they do not want to state their real reason for the invasion, which is Russia’s need to once more become a superpower in the face of China’s ambitions to take over Siberia. This requires Moscow to conquer the European Union and harvest its wealth for Russian military spending in order to become able to defend Siberia against a far larger future Chinese military. Why does not Moscow simply explain that this is their intention and that they are thus acting out of sheer necessity and Russian national survival? It is generally not customary to reveal a war plan in advance and Moscow is accustomed to relying on propaganda as an effective tool to advance its interests worldwide. Furthermore, both Beijing and Moscow prefer to maintain amicable relations – each for their own reasons – for as long as possible until the inevitable rupture and outbreak of major war between them, perhaps 20 years from now.

To draw the conclusion that Russia is somehow irrational because it is lying on Ukraine completely misses the mark as lying has been Moscow’s modus operandi for a very long time. Most content in the official Soviet newspaper “Pravda” was fake, including official statistics. The Russia analysts who claim that President Putin has become irrational say so simply because they don’t understand why Russia invaded Ukraine.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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