It’s Anti-Semitism Stupid!

What is the problem with Iran? Is it Islam? No, there are dozens of sovereign Muslim nations that are responsible members of the international community. Is it totalitarianism? Well, totalitarianism does not in of itself necessarily make a country externally aggressive. Is it imperialism? No, imperialism is seldom as malign as the Iranian version. The problem runs deeper. The underlying problem is conspiratorial Anti-Semitism which when espoused by totalitarians is a complete Weltanschauung. Please note that it is not mere Anti-Semitism which itself is extremely harmful but conspiratorial Anti-Semitism which is significantly more dangerous. Why is it so dangerous? Because conspiratorial Anti-Semites are convinced that they face a global Jewish conspiracy, which those of them animated by totalitarian ideology for some reason believe they must counter with their own rival ambition for world control. This was true for Nazi Anti-Semites, post-WWII Soviet Communist Anti-Semites and it is certainly true for Islamist Anti-Semites, including Iranian ones. Of course, Nazis claim that national socialism is all about race, post-WWII Soviet Communists claimed that Marxism-Leninism is all about class and Islamists claim that Jihadism is all about Islam but in fact the underlying driving geopolitical calculation and motivation is Anti-Semitism. While it is true that post-WWII Soviet Anti-Semites and Islamist Anti-Semites were/are not as overtly Anti-Semitically obsessive as were and are Nazi Anti-Semites, Anti-Semitism is and was nevertheless as central in their respective geopolitical calculations.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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