Russia Must be Defeated at all Cost

British prime minister Boris Johnson remarked the other day that there was a “realistic possibility” that Russia would win the war against Ukraine. We must make sure that this does not happen under any circumstances and the effective policy of underarming Ukraine must cease. President Zelensky should not have to complain about having insufficient weaponry as democratic solidarity is not optional, it is instead an absolute obligation and moral imperative indeed. The focus on arming Ukraine is still defensive and this is important and necessary but there needs to be an offensive focus as well. Russia occupies large areas in Ukraine and Kyiv needs to be given the means to become able to liberate all occupied territories. It is absolutely imperative to defeat Russia in order to avoid WWIII and disincentive Moscow from later invading the European Union. Russia must be persuaded to find an Asian solution to the long-term Chinese threat against Siberia. Russia’s plan to conquer Europe in order to become a superpower so as to be able to counter China’s long-term ambitions in Siberia is not viable and Moscow needs to be given further practical evidence that it is indeed not viable. Rather, the solution must be for Russia to align with Beijing’s other neighbors so as to fully encircle China. However, if the Russian military is incapable of defeating Ukraine then obviously it follows that it is incapable of conquering the European Union as well. Therefore, ensuring Russia’s defeat in Ukraine is an absolute interest of the West in addition to being a non-negotiable democratic fundamental obligation.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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