End the Carnage

AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) are not at war with Turkey. They have however for years been regularly attacked by the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) on Erdogan’s instructions without any provocation whatsoever. It is true that the PYD (Democratic Union Party) which rules the AANES is an Apoist sister organization of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and a fellow member of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) which is committed to realizing the regional vision of democratic confederalism of Abdullah Öcalan. However, to claim as Turkey does that the PYD is a branch of the PKK is simply not accurate. PYD and PKK share the same ideology but they are separate political parties and exist in different countries, one in Syria and one in Turkey.

There are three centers of political power in Turkey: 1) the elected AKP government controlled by the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, 2) the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus and 3) the military deep state which controls the military, a second deep state not to be confused with the Erdogan-appointed contemporary pro-Islamist top brass in the TAF. Who in Turkey is behind the constant aerial campaigns against NES (North and East Syria)? The military deep state is Kemalist and therefore opposes territorial expansionism abroad since this contradicts Kemalist principles. The Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet has no Anti-Kurdish agenda and has repeatedly prevented Erdogan from invading NES. It is therefore clear that the TAF is terrorizing North and East Syria solely at the behest of President Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood geopolitical agenda of taking over Syria.

The Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet would be particularly well-advised to permanently put an end to Turkey’s attacks against Syrian territory. Human beings are dying in vain and the region is destabilized only on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. These senseless killings which do not serve the interests of any nation in the region cannot in any way be justified.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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