US Persian Gulf Strategy Harms American Interests

President Barack Obama’s Middle Eastern strategy of handing over the Muslim world to the Islamists as a means to defuse US-Muslim tensions and ostensibly facilitate so-called “Islamic democracy” which of course the peoples of Iran do enjoy so much (!) has fortunately not been maintained by the Biden administration despite largely being staffed by Team Obama. However, some remnants of the Obama paradigm has been maintained with respect to the Middle East and in particular so the strategy of supplanting Saudi Arabia with Iran as a US ally. Of course, it certainly makes geopolitical sense for America to have Iran as an ally against Russia and China, that is in America’s interest. 

However, the reality is that the Khomeinist state is not even remotely interested in becoming yet another piece in the American jigsaw puzzle global system of alliances. While it is certainly strongly in the national interest of the peoples of Iran to align with the United States, this is simply not how the ruling mullahs see it. If you hold a Muslim conspiratorial Anti-Semitic worldview as do generally Islamist thinkers, then you view the American superpower as a global Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. While it is true that former Iranian president Rafsanjani for some reason at some point urged better relations with Washington, it is important to emphasize that this never materialized as one should generally not pay too much attention to the chatter of the so-called “reformists” because Khomeini was not a “reformist” and neither is Khamenei and it is the supreme leader who has the final say in Iran.

The Biden administration refuses to formalize the USA-KSA defense alliance against Iran because of the underlying US agenda of selling out Riyadh and instead implausibly aligning with Tehran. Of course, this strategy is unsuccessful to say the least and will never materialize because it is based upon patently false premises. Yet, the problem is that it harms American interests in the Gulf and enhances Russian and Chinese influence at America’s expense. Another vital American interest that is harmed is Israeli-Saudi normalization which is artificially held up and unnecessarily delayed.

America is right to want to align with Iran but this can only happen after the present regime (which regards America as Satanic) is removed from power. It is furthermore in the hands of the United States to remove the regime; all the US government has to do is to impose a no-fly zone over Iran, bomb police stations and IRGC facilities and provide air support to insurgents. There is furthermore absolutely no need to ditch the KSA as a strategic ally of the USA, in fact that strategy is not only counterproductive and based upon false premises but directly and indirectly harmful to American interests in the region and the world.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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