The Israeli Deep State Needs to Promote a New Rabbinical Consensus on Conversion Reform

The proposal for conversion reform as suggested by the Bennett-Lapid government was insensitive to the very real social concerns of many Diaspora Orthodox rabbis who feared for the very survival of their communities. The apparent concern was that young Orthodox Jews would date and marry non-Jews and then make fictitious Aliyah for the purpose of obtaining an Orthodox conversion for the non-Jewish spouse. The concern was that this would lead to widespread intermarriage in the Orthodox community with Orthodox Jews becoming married to non-observant converts, in thus leading increasingly to the effective dissolution of Orthodox communities from within. It should be recognized that these are very valid concerns.

A new consensus for a very different conversion reform that would put effective safeguards against precisely such abuse of the system, needs to be built from the top beginning with Religious Zionist and Modern Orthodox poskim who are only now beginning to be initiated into the secrets of Esoteric Judaism and who may gain an understanding that we live in the high tech messianic age where Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and other advanced technologies will be able to do things that our ancestors considered sheer miracles.

Historians of Judaism are keenly aware that rabbinical attitudes towards conversion have varied in different eras from stringent to permissive as apparently dependent on varying social conditions. It is important to do it right this time.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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