Israel’s Haredi Dilemma

Israel’s Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) population explosion poses multiple dilemmas to Israeli long-term planners. One thing that is clear is that Israeli liberal democracy will not be able to survive and in its stead there will need to be a system of liberal guided democracy. It will still be a democracy but not a liberal democracy. ThereContinue reading “Israel’s Haredi Dilemma”

Gender and Sexual Equality vs. Islamist Neo-Medievalism

The empowerment of women and girls is a critical aspect in the struggle against Islamist neo-medievalism. Islamism is intrinsically geared against gender equality in typically prescribing a highly constricted role for women and girls in society. Sunni Islamism is vehemently anti-LGBTQI while Twelver Shia Islamism is more tolerant towards transsexuals although otherwise viciously homophobic inContinue reading “Gender and Sexual Equality vs. Islamist Neo-Medievalism”