The Threat of Genocide in Turkey

A country that denies its genocidal past is in danger of reoffending. Not only would the the Dönmeh Jewish community (a subset of the Bektashi order) be in danger of liquidation in case of complete Islamist takeover in Turkey but so would potentially other Median Jews as well. While the current policy in Turkey is to assimilate Alawites, Alevis, Alians, Bektashis, Dönmeh and Yezidis into Islam could this policy well change with a complete Islamist takeover of Turkey. The immense hatred between Turkish Hanafi Muslims on the one hand and Median Jewry on the other should certainly not be underestimated. Few countries are permanently on the psychological edge of genocide as is Turkey.

Turkey has throughout its political history consistently elected majorities of anti-democratic political parties and this was the case long before the rise of political Islam. Turkey therefore has shown itself intrinsically incapable of liberal democracy despite having had many electoral opportunities for electing a pro-democratic majority. 

Considering the immense danger of full-scale Islamist takeover in Turkey in becoming a second Iran and potentially committing mass genocide against millions is the full restoration of indirect Dönmeh rule in Turkey through Derin Devlet control over the Republic of Turkey an international interest indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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