Apostasy and Blasphemy are Essential to Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion is almost non-existent in many Muslim countries. There is no right to apostasy, no right to freedom from religion, no right to blasphemy and no right to criticize religion. Without those is there practically no freedom of religion at all. Of course, the situation varies between Muslim countries but many Muslim countries prohibits blasphemy of Islam and leaving Islam. Even atheism is prohibited in some Muslim countries. Liberal/Progressive Muslims as well as Atheist ex-Muslims live in the closet and cannot in many Muslim countries outwardly reveal their true beliefs, not even to close family – for fear of severe consequences. 

This illustrates the fact that much of Islamdom still lives in the medieval age and the neo-medievalist Islamist movements have catapulted many Muslim countries backwards in time. The best antidote to this is government sponsored liberalization and outlawing the neo-medievalist Islamist movements. Democratization is desirable in those countries where the majority supports it but the problem is that open society provides space and an arena for the Islamist neo-medievalists which may undermine liberal democracy and lead to Islamist takeoever by means of re-medievalization of society. It is therefore essential that all countries, liberal democracies included, outlaw all Islamist and Jihadist organizations (including Crypto-Islamist organizations and front organizations) and confiscate all Islamist mosques.

Freedom from religion, freedom of apostasy, freedom of blasphemy and the right to criticize religion are part and parcel of freedom of religion. The United States government, the European Union and governments of free nations generally should make concerted and sustained efforts to convince allied governments in Islamdom that undivided and comprehensive freedom of religion is an essential, indeed fundamental part of liberalization of society in Islamdom and that leaving the medieval era is critical indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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