Islamism is Tearing Europe Apart

Islamdom has since the 1980s been a civilization in crisis since the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism came into the vogue. The popularity of Islamism has also affected Europe which has increasingly imported Islamism as well. Many European Muslims live in segregated neighborhoods where they are exposed to Islamist processes of Islamization and theirContinue reading “Islamism is Tearing Europe Apart”

The Question of Blasphemy in Islam

Large sections of the Muslim world still lives in the Middle Ages and an entire neo-medievalist movement, Islamism, has arisen since the 19th century which seeks to bring back the Middle Ages once more. Islamist neo-medievalism has a significant influence on Islam and on Muslims generally, including on the question of blasphemy and even liberalContinue reading “The Question of Blasphemy in Islam”

Apostasy and Blasphemy are Essential to Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion is almost non-existent in many Muslim countries. There is no right to apostasy, no right to freedom from religion, no right to blasphemy and no right to criticize religion. Without those is there practically no freedom of religion at all. Of course, the situation varies between Muslim countries but many Muslim countriesContinue reading “Apostasy and Blasphemy are Essential to Freedom of Religion”