Uniting the Peoples of Israel

The Jewish people is ethnically, culturally, linguistically, racially, genetically and religiously diverse yet it is one people living in many countries around the world, albeit once more centred in the land of Israel. The existence of the small Samaritan people has always been known to rabbinic Jews but the rediscovery of Median Jewry and Median Judaism (aside from the Samaritans and Samaritanism which were always known) means that the Jewish people will have to acknowledge the existence of many more Jewish peoples aside from the Jewish people and the Samaritan people. The Alawites, the Alevis, the Alians, the Bektashis, the Druze, the Dönmeh, the Yarsanis and the Yezidis are all separate Jewish peoples of the wider Jewish nation. This is not to mention Jewish peoples further afield such as Odinani Igbo of Nigeria, the Masaai of Tanzania and Kenya and the Qiangic peoples of Sichuan, China. Four Jewish peoples live in Israel: 1) The Karaite people, 2) the Samaritan people, 3) Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) and 4) the core Jewish people itself.

Mass Aliyah of tens of millions of Median Jews from the Middle East and around the world will bring revolutionary changes to the multiethnic, multiracial, multi-linguistic and multi-denominational Jewish nation and the land of Israel. The conflict with the Palestinians will be over for all practical purposes and Israel will focus on the next chapter in the Zionist revolution.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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