Uniting the Druze People

The Druze people were divided after WWI between French Syria, French Lebanon and the British Mandate centered in Jerusalem. The Druze were however for some decades given an autonomous state in the Druze Mountain region in southern Syria. In contrast, were the entire Druze people during Ottoman times part of one single state, the Ottoman Empire. No longer being subjected to Islamic rule in the post-Ottoman period was certainly an improved situation for the Crypto-Jewish Druze, the Druze religion being a denomination of core Median Judaism. The Druze people have in the past half decade learned by word of mouth of them being secret Jews and have as a consequence developed Jewish communal identity. It will be a tremendous improvement for the Druze to no longer be divided between three different countries. While the Druze on the Golan Heights still nominally confess loyalty to the Syrian regime do they enjoy all the comforts of life in one of the world’s most developed countries. For the Lebanese Druze will it certainly be a relief to no longer be part of a failed state. For the Syrian Druze will it no doubt be a tremendous improvement to no longer be citizens of a totalitarian state which forces their children to participate in Islamic religious instruction in state schools. Israeli annexation of Druze regions of Syria and Lebanon will no doubt bring significant investments, tremendous economic growth and raised standards of living. But most important of all – the Druze people will no longer be divided.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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