What about Genetics?

The rediscovery of Median Judaism and Median Jewry is a watershed event in Jewish history. However, members of denominations of core Median Judaism are primarily descended from ancient converts to Median Judaism and not from Israelites although they surely have some Israelite ancestry as well. But does genetics matter and does it still count as national reunification after 27 centuries of tragic separation? Judaism is certainly not about race as Nazis and the Nazi-influenced Palestinian nationalists claim. Indeed most Palestinians would qualify as “racially pure Jews” under Nazi definitions but they are long since not Jewish but Muslims so genetic origins really does not matter from a Jewish perspective. They are no longer indigenous since they have assimilated to religious imperialism and lost their indigenous Jewish/Samaritan heritage. Indeed, most Palestinian clans are descended from endogamous Jewish clans and endogamous Samaritan clans who were involuntarily converted by religious imperialism, first by Byzantine Christianity and then by Sunni Islam.

Furthermore are there additional denominations of Median Judaism around the world beyond core Median Judaism (Alawism, Alevism, Alianism, Bektashim, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) such as the Maasai of East Africa and the Qiangic peoples of Sichuan, China who have no so far documented Israelite genetic origins. But their Aliyah (immigation to Israel) very much counts as reunification because it is a national, spiritual and historical event and again certainly not a matter of race as Nazis and Palestinan nationalists bizarrely claim.

The extended nation of Israel is multicultural, multiethnic, multi-denominational, multi-racial and indeed very much genetically diverse. There are Jews of all colors including hundreds of Peruvian-Israeli so-called “Inca Jews” or the Bna’i Moshe who have converted to Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism and now live in Judea and Samaria. They are an integral part of the indigenous nation of Israel and the Palestinians are no longer so in having lost their indigenous heritage – their genetic origins notwithstanding. The Bna’i Moshe have undergone a protracted process of tribal initiation to become part of an indigenous nation and have succeeded in gaining admission. This is remarkable and admirable. The Palestinians were deprived of their indigenous heritage, that’s tragic. Nowadays 93% of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria and Gaza are Anti-Semites and 28% percent of Arab citizens of Israel deny the Holocaust. Again that is tragic, especially considering their Jewish and Samaritan roots. But race does not matter.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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