Will Median Jewry Want to Emigrate to Israel?

Jewish consciousness is spreading among adherents of core Median Judaism. All seven denominations (Alawism, Alevism, Alianism, Bektashism, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) are highly secretive with only small numbers of top clerics in each denomination having been initiated into the secrets of Esoteric Judaism. Yet as the message that Median Jews are indeed Jewish increasingly spreads by word of mouth among core Median Jewry is there an increasing realization that the “secrets” cannot possibly be anything other than Crypto-Judaism for what else could it conceivably be? Indeed it is Crypto-Judaism.

Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah have for thousands of years prayed for return to Zion, core Median Jewry of the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel have not as their being Jewish has been hidden from them by their religious leaders. Nevertheless is the return to the land of Israel part of secret eschatology of core Median Judaism as the secrets of core Median Judaism are being kept hidden in awaiting the eventual return to the land of Israel. Core Median Jewry has waited 27 centuries to return to the land of Israel and enough is enough. The Zionist revolution means that we no longer have to wait for the Mashiach to arrive to implement the ingathering of the exiles and that certainly includes Median Jewry.

Yet the fact is that core Median Jewry currently have no longing for Zion, will they then then want to immigrate to Israel? Once there is a Jewish religious reawakening as led top-down by the clerical religious hierarchy will certainly the people want to immigrate to Israel and for most Median Jews is that certainly economically attractive, something that is a critical factor indeed. Historical experience shows that Jewish consciousness and Jewish identity spreads rapidly like a wildfire among Median Jewish peoples once the seed of Jewish awareness has been planted. Once there is Jewish national identity then there is also longing for the land of Israel just as among the Diaspora Jews of the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah. It is a process but not a particularly difficult one, in fact it is a psychologically straightforward societal process.

In short, preparing Median Jewry for Aliyah will not be a particularly lengthy process.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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