Will the Druze Welcome Israeli Liberation?

War approaches in the Middle East. There is a race in time between Iranian uranium enrichment to produce enough uranium to assemble a nuclear weapon at the same time as Israel is investing billions of shekels in its new capabilities to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program from the air. Iran will respond to Israeli preemptive air strikes by ordering its Lebanese Hezbollah proxy to unleash massive barrages of tens of thousands of missiles against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. 

Israel in turn will have little choice but to order the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to launch a strategic operation in cooperation with the allied SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) to liberate Syria and Lebanon from the totalitarian and Anti-Semitic forces of Khomeinism and Ba’athism. Israel will create an Aramean Christian state in parts of Lebanon as the successor state to Lebanon and will annex Median Jewish (Druze and Alawite) regions of Syria and Lebanon. The new PYD (Democratic Union Party) government in Damascus will annex the remainder of Lebanon.

The Druze are famously loyal to their national sovereign whether that is Israel, Syria or Lebanon so how will they respond to the Israeli liberation of Druze regions in Syria and Lebanon? Yet some Syrian Golan Druze have accepted Israeli citizenship and many Lebanese Druze happily served in the Israeli-aligned former SLA (South Lebanon Army). There was recently the incident when Hezbollah tried to launch rockets against Israel from a Druze village and the Hezbollah crew were nearly lynched by the Lebanese Druze villagers. Certainly when borders shift through a sovereign treaty between Jerusalem and the new governments in liberated Beirut and liberated Damascus will the Druze happily accept the new Israeli sovereign if not before.

Generally speaking will the Druze of Syria and Lebanon be very happy about being reunited with their kin in Israel in one state after having been separated by colonial powers into three different countries a century ago. While it is certainly true that the Druze will not resist the Israeli liberation, it is also true that the Druze will warmly welcome the Israeli annexation upon the signing of the treaty of the new international borders between Beirut, Jerusalem and Damascus.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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