It’s the Paradigm Stupid!

Why is it that sophisticated and seasoned international diplomats from the P5+1 and beyond insist on believing that Iran will eventually at “the last moment” return to the so-called “negotiations” in Vienna? How can it be that experienced statesmen pay credence to Iran’s bald-faced lies about “soon” returning to negotiations at the same time as Iran is racing towards nuclear threshold status without any international restrictions whatsoever? 

For decades have oil money and Islamist academics created a poisonous paradigm on Islamism according to which there are somehow reasonable Islamists that “we” can deal with. The “experts” on Iran and Islamism at the ministries of foreign of affairs have poisoned minds in believing in the collaborationist paradigm. This relates particularly to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the Iranian regime but more recently also to the Taliban. The hard truth is that Islamists view non-Muslims as mortal enemies to be deceived, defeated, killed, subjugated and converted under pressure. 

In order to win the cold war with Islamism and Jihadism (which has been going on since 1979) need we shift the paradigm on Islamism and abandon the dangerous idea that there are Islamists out there who are somehow “reasonable”, “moderate” and “reformist”. There is no such thing. Islamism is a modern totalitarian political ideology and the sooner it is symbolically universally defeated and semiotically discredited in the eyes of the Ummah, the global Muslim community, the better for the whole world.

There is no way of constructively engaging with the Khomeinist regime. There is no partner for constructive engagement in Khomeinist Tehran and there has never been. The regime must be defeated and its empire within and beyond Iran’s borders rolled back, imploded and dissolved. There is no way around it.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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