Fool me Once, Twice, Thrice

The international community, including Israel, refuses to learn from being serially deceived by Iran. It was in the interest of Khomeinist Iran to sign a nuclear agreement in 2015 with the P5+1 but what has changed since then are Elon Musk and Tesla with the rapid development of electric vehicles and with that the definitiveContinue reading “Fool me Once, Twice, Thrice”

The US Needs a Regime Change Policy on Iran

The US government lives in an illusion fed by the Iranian regime, namely that Iran somehow has an interest in a nuclear agreement with the P5+1. Contrary to US assessments and due to increasing progress in the development of electric vehicles, something which radically shrinks the window of opportunity for oil-based Mahdist neo-imperialism, Iran hasContinue reading “The US Needs a Regime Change Policy on Iran”

The Success of Iranian Disinformation

The Iranian regime successfully deceived the P5+1 into believing that the JCPOA would be revived. How did they do that? One explanation of course is deceptive diplomacy but that is not the main explanation. Iran is well aware that its system is fatally compromised by Israeli intelligence infiltration. But what about other great powers, don’tContinue reading “The Success of Iranian Disinformation”

When to Attack Iran?

It takes time and effort to build an international coalition to establish a no-fly zone over Iran. Despite the P5+1 still entertaining desperate hopes about reaching an agreement with Tehran, there is absolutely no chance that such an agreement will be clinched for the simple reason that such an agreement is not in the interestContinue reading “When to Attack Iran?”

Everyone is Desperate About Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction

There is international unanimity on Iran on one point and that is the sense of desperation about the threat of Iranian weapons of mass destruction. However, the desperation is expressed differently, 1) Israel is preparing capabilities to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program and is ready to absorb ensuing Iranian/Hezbollah attacks with chemical weapons againstContinue reading “Everyone is Desperate About Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction”

What is the Real Iran Policy of the United States?

There seems to be two positions on Iran among US officials. United States Special Representative for Iran Rob Malley has stated that the US will continue to seek a diplomatic solution on the Iranian nuclear weapons program even after the JCPOA becomes irrelevant. Everyone else in the Biden administration claims that the US will examineContinue reading “What is the Real Iran Policy of the United States?”

Playing Into the Hands of Tehran

US foreign policy on Iran is playing into the hands of the tyrannical Khomeinist regime. The regime intends to play for time until the JCPOA is irrelevant and even after does it intend to play for time until Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program in 2023, all with the purpose of pleasing world powersContinue reading “Playing Into the Hands of Tehran”

There is No Logic in Iran Returning to the JCPOA

Tehran claims that it will return to “negotiations” with the US and with the rest of the P5+1 on November 29, 2021. No one knows whether there will actually be any negotiations in Vienna and if there are then these talks will surely be devoid of any substance since Tehran’s tactic is to delay andContinue reading “There is No Logic in Iran Returning to the JCPOA”

Khamenei and Raisi do not Care About Sanctions

There is a paradox in Iran in that Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader and Ebrahim Raisi, the president, simply do not care about the sanctions regime, yet the sanctions do significantly affect the regional military posture of the regime as the sanctions are very effective in curbing the regional military strength of the Khomeinist empire.Continue reading “Khamenei and Raisi do not Care About Sanctions”

Tehran Suffers from Hubris

Tehran dreams about world conquest. It has already succeeded in confusing and dividing P5+1. Allah of course is all for the worldwide Islamic revolution and will somehow ensure that Iran gets nuclear nuclear weapons to destroy the wicked Jews. Yet the fact is that America and Israel together have the means to roll back, implodeContinue reading “Tehran Suffers from Hubris”

It’s the Paradigm Stupid!

Why is it that sophisticated and seasoned international diplomats from the P5+1 and beyond insist on believing that Iran will eventually at “the last moment” return to the so-called “negotiations” in Vienna? How can it be that experienced statesmen pay credence to Iran’s bald-faced lies about “soon” returning to negotiations at the same time asContinue reading “It’s the Paradigm Stupid!”

World Powers need to Coordinate

Time is increasingly running out as the JCPOA is effectively expiring. Will the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) take action against Iran? Will the P5+1 prepare a Plan B after the failure of the JCPOA? What about the United States? Is there any teeth to its rhetoric about Iran? Does it have a ready PlanContinue reading “World Powers need to Coordinate”

Tehran is Intent on Domination

Iran was thoroughly Westernized during the reign of the last Shah and Iran remains a sophisticated state adept at communicating with other cultures and fooling their diplomats. For example, did Iranian diplomats astonishingly succeed years ago in convincing Chinese diplomats that Iran ostensibly does not intend to destroy Israel despite constantly declaring the intention toContinue reading “Tehran is Intent on Domination”

Tehran is not Interested in Reconciliation

There is a failure in the current class of Iran experts in ascertaining Iran’s strategic intentions. There is generally a failure in academia of experts on Islamism who do not grasp that we are dealing with a dangerous neo-imperialist, totalitarian, modern political ideology, but rather seem to think that Islamism is “a traditional religion”, “aContinue reading “Tehran is not Interested in Reconciliation”

The Perceptual Gap

There is a vast perceptual gap between the P5+1 and the Khomeinist regime. The P5+1 talk the language of reconciliation while Tehran hears weakness and uses the time offered to further enrich uranium towards the goal of amassing enough material to produce a nuclear weapon. For Iran are P5+1 useful infidels to be deceived andContinue reading “The Perceptual Gap”

The International Community is Finally Waking Up

The international community is finally showing some signs of waking up. There is not yet full realization that Iran has long since strategically decided to ditch the JCPOA, yet the reality is beginning to seep in. France speaks of “diplomatic escalation”, yet it is unclear however if this includes snapback sanctions for this is aContinue reading “The International Community is Finally Waking Up”