How the Derin Devlet Controls Turkey

How is the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet Deep State Domestic intelligence apparatus able to maintain strategic control over the Republic of Turkey including over the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) despite the Muslim Brotherhood intelligence AKP’s extensive tactical control over many aspects of the Turkish state? There may be several answers to that question. 1) First, the Derin Devlet operates within the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) and its intelligence operatives therefore believe themselves to be operatives of the MIT. 2) Second, the Derin Devlet likely has its HQ abroad, probably in Israel but it could also be located in the United States. 3) Third, the Derin Devlet no doubt operates through mass recruitment of strategically located operatives in the government, including those with Islamic views and therefore is capable of exerting far more influence than it actually does because it does not want to challenge the elected regime of Mr. Erdogan unless it really has to. Despite the many tactical victories of the Erdogan regime in the past two decades, the Derin Devlet has successfully maintained the secular character of the state and perpetuated its strategic control over the state and that after all is what matters from the strategic perspective of the Derin Devlet. Erdogan, no doubt despite his immense powers lives in immense fear of the Derin Devlet and understands that he may end up in prison any day if the Derin Devlet were to decide so. Yet, the Derin Devlet plays the long game and apparently has an elaborate strategy for defeating Muslim Brotherhood AKP intelligence without causing a civil war in the country.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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