Israel’s Strategic Dilemma vis-a-vis Core Median Jewry

Prior to the historical rediscovery of core Median Jewry were the remnants of Median Judaism around the world viewed with certain scepticism by official Israel. Scholars have even in recent years begun to claim that similarities with rabbinic Judaism are pure coincidence. 

However, the rediscovery of core Median Jewry and the seven denominations of core Median Judaism (Alawism, Alevism, Alianism, Bektashism, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) are a definite gamechanger in the intelligence world although the information is yet to reach the world at large. It is not only the Judaic traditions of the seven denominations but furthermore that they are trisected into Kohanim, Levites and Israelites that conclusively proves that they are Jewish and are indeed direct descendants of the Israelite tribes who were deported to what is now Kurdistan by the Assyrians 27 centuries ago although they are primarily genetically descended from ancient converts to Median Judaism.

This sensational revelation made less than a decade ago has obviously not gone unnoticed in the intelligence world and constitutes a discreet earthquake in the geopolitics of the Middle East. What are the implications? The information that core Median Jewry are indeed Jews has since spread from mouth to mouth like a wildfire among core Median Jewry in the Middle East which has widely adopted Jewish communal identity although discreetly so. For many, the information that they are Jewish is the very missing piece which completes the puzzle of their origin and identity. 

While Israel obviously wants Median Jewish mass Aliyah (immigration) to Israel is this not a simple matter. The Mossad managed to extract 800 000 Jews from hostile Arab lands in the early 1950s and probably mostly did so by bribing local officials. This time however it is not so easy.  

4 million Median Jews (Alawites, Druze, Yezidis and Alevis) are stuck in Syria and Lebanon and the most straightforward solution is Israeli annexation of Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions as opposed to Aliyah considering the proximity to Israel and to the Mediterranean Sea. This however requires defeating the so-called “Axis of Resistance” through a major war in cooperation with the allied SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), establishing an Aramean Christian state and letting the new PYD (Democratic Union Party) government in Damascus as installed by the SDF annex the remainder of Lebanon. This would bring peace to the northern military theater. 

While the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) in Iraq may be ambiguous about Median Jewish Aliyah considering that one third of all Kurds in all of Kurdistan are Median Jews and the KRG may not be too happy about them departing from Kurdistan for Israel, the fact is that the KRG is heavily dependant for its very existence upon Israel, the US and American Jewish organization which lobby for the KRG in Washington D.C. However, many Iraqi Median Jews although Kurdish live outside the jurisdiction of the KRG. The KRG would not place any obstacles in the way of Median Jewish Aliyah and would also facilitate for those Iraqi Median Jews living outside of the jurisdiction of the KRG to depart for Israel. There are one million Median Jews in Iraq, they are Yezidis, Yarsanis, Alevis and Bektashis. There are also Mandaeans who are pre-Israelite Sumerian Jews. 

Emigrating to Israel is illegal in Iran and there is currently no way of encouraging Median Jewish Aliyah to Israel for the 2 to 3 million Median Jews in Iran. The best hope for Median Jewish Aliyah to Israel is the establishment of a US no-fly zone over Iran in 2022 or 2023 once Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program and the subsequent establishment of self-governing KRG-style regional governments in the Iranian ethnic periphery. Iranian Median Jews are Yarsanis, Alevis, Yezidis, Bektashis and Zoroastrianians. There are also Mandaeans.

The number of Median Jews in Turkey is unknown but they number in the tens of millions and the vast majority are Alevis with significant numbers of Bektashis (including Sabbateans) and Alawites but there are also Yarsanis, Yezidis and Alians. The Erdogan regime is genocidal and does not want to see Alevis and other Median Jews emigrate to Israel for the simple reason that Erdogan hates the Alevis and wants to exterminate them. The revelation that they are Jewish has only exacerbated the hatred by the Anti-Semitic Erdogan. However, the strategic control over the country by the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet Deep State domestic intelligence apparatus means that Erdogan currently has no means to realize his genocidal ambitions. The EU and the US however have the toolbox –  namely the credible threat of comprehensive trade sanctions – to ensure that Erdogan does not place any obstacles in the way of Median Jewish Aliyah to Israel.

It is currently unknown what regional activities Israel has so far undertaken to prepare for Median Jewish mass Aliyah to Israel but it is likely that the Mossad has lent massive support to the Derin Devlet in its struggle against Muslim Brotherhood intelligence in Turkey. Demographically, it is Turkey that really counts in terms of Median Jewish Aliyah and Israel would even be dependent upon flights over Turkish airspace for Aliyah from Iraq via KRI (Kurdistan Region of Iraq), something which Turkey in principle could prevent. It would have been far easier to promote Median Jewish Aliyah from Turkey during the Kemalist era if core Median Jewry had been rediscovered already during the 20th century. Apparently, since the rediscovery of core Median Jewry the strategy of the Mossad with regard to the Aliyah of core Median Jewry has been to promote regime change in Turkey in close collaboration with the Derin Devlet. Also the Derin Devlet controls the electoral system in Turkey which is the only dictatorship in the world with free and fair elections and hence the possibility of regime change through the ballot box as early as in 2023 despite the fact that Erdogan controls all traditional domestic media in Turkey.

Bulgaria is home to the smallest denomination of core Median Judaism and the least documented one, the Alians, who practice Alianism. The Alians live in a small number of villages in Bulgaria and some Alians have emigrated to Turkey. The Alians number only in the thousands although they have gained many new converts in recent decades. There are also 55 000 Alevis and an unknown number of Bektashis in Bulgaria. There are no obstacles to Median Jewish Aliyah from Bulgaria.

While the reunification of the Median Jewry in Syria and Lebanon with Israel entirely depends upon Israel itself and Iraqi Aliyah is feasible is Iranian Aliyah entirely dependent upon the the policy of the United States and Turkish Aliyah is likewise entirely dependent upon the policy of the EU and the US unless of course there is domestic regime change either through the ballot box or a military coup in Turkey.

The Israeli government and the Mossad have so far out of concern for relations with Turkey and the very real fear that Turkey would close its borders to Jewish emigration to Israel refrained from publicizing the existence of core Median Jewry and core Median Judaism. The future process of the renunciation of the Pseudo-Islamic veneer which exists to varying degrees in all seven denominations is also a very sensitive, yet important question in the process of Aliyah. The gamechanger will no doubt be Israel’s annexation of Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions in Syria and Lebanon.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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