Returning to the Auschwitz Lines is out of Question

The Zionist radical left in Israel and the international community entertain the idea of appeasing the official demand of the Palestinian Authority that Israel returns to the pre-1967 Auschwitz lines with minor “exchanges” of territory. The Zionist radical left imagines that this would involve the deportation of at least 100 000 Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria. The idea is that if the number of Israeli Jews slated for deportation in this dystopian vision would rise substantially beyond 100 000 deportees would appeasement of the Palestinian Authority become “impossible” and hence in their view would this signal the demise of that particular version of the two-state solution. Why on earth would this be bad news?

The Kushner peace map however, proves that there is no need for deporting anyone since all restorative indigenous communities of Judea and Samaria will remain part of Israel. The claim that a two-state solution would not become “viable” is based on appeasing the Palestinian demand that Israel withdraws to plus-minus the Auschwitz lines. This assumes that Palestinian demands are unchangeable and that Israel has no choice but to appease the rejectionist Palestinian Authority which insists on flooding Israel with millions of Anti-Zionists in thus turning any hypothetical “two-state solution” into a mere transitional stage towards displacing and exterminating all Israeli Jews. 

The premise however that Israelis would agree to the expulsion of 100 000 indigenous Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria is entirely divorced from reality and is only acceptable to the radical left in Zionism. The idea that the Palestinian Authority is in a position to dictate borders to Israel considering the balance of power in Israel’s favor is utterly delusional. The so-called “international parameters” are simply not viable, nor is the idea of expelling 100 000 indigenous Jews from their homes. The idea of deporting 100 000 Jews is dystopian and antiquated and will never be realized, not only because the Israeli voting public will never accept it but also because there is no Palestinian partner for an end-of-claims final status agreement considering the unanimous Palestinian refusal to give up the alleged so-called “Palestinian right of return” which is completely contrary to any idea of a permanent two-state solution. For the Palestinian movement however is a “two-state solution” merely a stage in the Phased plan (the PLO’s 1974 Ten Point program). The goal is to displace all Israeli Jews and exterminate them.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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