Mass Terrorism with Nuclear Impunity

As America has reentered the Vienna indirect “negotiations”, the United States has to consider the consequences of Khomeinist Iran becoming a nuclear power. The threat of Iran using chemical weapons against major American cities and indeed against cities around the world in countries that Tehran may want to “punish” will become even worse. Once Iran has nuclear weapons, it would be able to use its chemical weapons with impunity. It would no longer be possible to strike back with nuclear weapons in response to Iranian chemical weapons attacks. What would a country do once Iran has attacked it with chemical weapons? It would practically speaking be impossible for the attacked country to defend itself in any way whatsoever since Iran would be able to act with nuclear impunity. 

The US officially claims that it is committed to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. No one believes however that the US has any strategic intention to attack the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Not only does the US outsource this to Israel, but the Israeli state believes that the US would be ready to live with Iranian nuclear weapons despite considering them to be a strategic threat.

As the American government apparently ponders capitulating to Iran on the nuclear file, the US should consider that a state of Iranian nuclear impunity would be a severe threat against American national security. Iranian nuclear weapons would severely aggravate the threat of Iranian mass terrorism, including with chemical weapons as Iran could repeatedly act with nuclear impunity without risking any consequences.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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