The Mossad-Derin Devlet Alliance

For how long has the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state intelligence apparatus in Turkey maintained a relationship with the State of Israel through the TEVEL, the Political Action and Liaison Department of the Mossad?

While Turkey recognized and established diplomatic relations with Israel already in 1949 is it unlikely that relations with the Mossad go that far back in time considering the historically hostile relationship between Sabbateans and rabbinic Jews. Core Median Jewry and core Median Judaism were historically rediscovered by the intelligence world as beginning in 2014 and this is actually an important event in the history of the Sabbatean community since the Sabbateans are Bektashis and therefore Median Jews, and the rediscovery means that Sabbateans will become eligible for Aliyah (immigration) to Israel once Median Jewish mass Aliyah to Israel becomes possible.

It is not known when the diplomatic relationship between the TEVEL and the Derin Devlet commenced but throughout the Erdogan years, the Derin Devlet has zealously protected the Israeli-Turkish relationship despite Erdogan’s stated support for economic sanctions against Israel and open support for Hamas in Gaza. The diplomatic relationship between the Derin Devlet and the TEVEL has likely existed for decades but the alliance between Israel and the Derin Devlet is of a significantly later date. Furthermore, developing this alliance since 2014 has taken time and no doubt also effort.

The question must be asked why the Derin Devlet did not intervene to prevent the 2018 Turkish invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish Afrin enclave in northwestern Syria as up until then controlled by the Israeli-aligned SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces)? One possible explanation is that this did not pose a strategic threat to Israeli interests and the Derin Devlet did thus not intervene despite Israel no doubt asking it to do so. Another explanation is that the relationship had not yet matured enough for the Derin Devlet to intervene to protect Israeli interests in Syria. If so this had changed by 2019 when Turkey invaded northeastern Syria but purposely due to the careful instructions of the Derin Devlet limited the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) area of occupation to Arab border areas and did not touch Kurdish areas and certainly did not move deeper into the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) territory despite Erdogan wanting to conquer Raqqa. By 2021 had the relationship apparently matured even further and the Derin Devlet fully stopped Erdogan’s publicly stated plans for further military invasions of AANES territory.

Healing Jewish-Sabbatean relations cannot have been easy. The Turkish Jewish community has long had a policy of staying away from the Sabbatean community and not maintaining contact with them. This is despite Jews and Sabbateans having coexisted in the ethnically mixed city of Thessaloniki up until the Sabbateans were deported from Greece to Turkey in the 1923 population exchange.

In 1914 did the chief rabbi of Istanbul publish a circular that made wide-ranging claims against against the Sabbatean community in accusing them of religiously prohibited sexual practices in addition to blasphemy, deception and lack of character. In 1923, the Sabbateans of Thessaloniki appealed to the rabbis of the city to recognize the Sabbateans as Jewish (the Sabbateans were considered Muslim by the Greek government) so that the Sabbateans would be spared from deportation to Turkey, but the rabbis refused and the Sabbateans did thus not suffer the later tragic fate of the rabbinic Jews of Thessaloniki who were deported to Auschwitz and gassed to death by the Nazis. While Turkey accepted small numbers of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust did Turkey not turn into a haven for the Jewish people as the Sabbatean leadership of the Derin Devlet at the time apparently did not identify with the Jewish people as they could conceivably have influenced the Turkish government to receive substantially larger numbers of Jewish refugees. This is testament to the deep historical alienation between rabbinic Jews and Sabbateans.

The almost immediate 2021 release of the Israeli bus driver couple who had taken a picture of Erdogan’s Istanbul palace (something which is a crime in Turkey) is testament to how the relationship between Israel and the Derin Devlet has matured and deepened. The Erdogan regime intended to keep the couple as a bargaining chip but the Israeli government apparently put heavy pressure on the Derin Devlet to force the Erdogan regime to release the couple and this is also what promptly happened.

Israel’s relationship with the Derin Devlet is an essential condition for Israel’s planned liberation of Lebanon and Syria where Israel will establish an Aramean Christian state (Aram), annex Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon and subsequently hand over most of Syria and the remainder of Lebanon to the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES. The nightmare scenario would be if Turkey were to invade the AANES territory in parallel to the Israeli invasion of Syria and Lebanon but this scenario will never materialize due to the Derin Devlet control over the TAF and the close relationship between Israel and the Derin Devlet is apparently on solid ground. It should be pointed out that the Derin Devlet is obviously well aware that the AANES is separate from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and does not pose a threat to Turkey as SDF forces have never attacked Turkish territory.

For the Sabbatean leadership is the prospect of Sabbatean Aliyah to Israel no doubt an essential part of the relationship. The Sabbatean community leads a precarious existence in Turkey as they are demonized by the Erdogan regime media and top Erdogan’s genocidal kill list should he gain full control over Turkey. Erdogan is a genocidal Anti-Semite in the Muslim Brotherhoood tradition of Sayyid Qutb and Erdogan wants to exterminate the large Median Jewish minority in Turkey, the vast majority of whom are Alevis. While the Derin Devlet obviously has no intention to give up control over Turkey, the prospect of Aliyah to Israel is profoundly attractive to the Sabbatean community since this would bring the community to permanent safety and reunite and reconcile Sabbateans and rabbinic Jews. 

While the main part of the relationship between the Derin Devlet and the Mossad is no doubt intelligence cooperation, there is a growing political aspect as well, as seen in the Derin Devlet’s increasingly active influence over Turkey’s Syria policy. In the future will Sabbateans become Israelis and the Derin Devlet will therefore turn into an affiliate of the Mossad since there will be no Sabbateans left in Turkey for the Derin Devlet to protect.

How will the relationship develop if the Turkish opposition forms the government subsequent to the 2023 Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections? The most important thing is that we will see Median Jewish mass Aliyah to Israel and that will include the Bektashi Sabbateans as well. We might also see Turkey withdraw from the occupied areas in northern Syria. Israel may even influence the Derin Devlet to grant autonomies to the Kurds and the Zazas in Turkey. Of course, Kurdish and Zaza readers might ask whether this is even in the realm of the possible? Yet, once the Sabbateans are safely in Israel will the Derin Devlet change status from an Israeli ally to an affiliate of the Mossad since the Sabbateans will be loyal and patriotic Israelis and so the Derin Devlet will change policy from taking Israeli interests into account to primarily promoting Israeli regional interests, and self-determination for the Kurds is an important Israeli regional strategic interest indeed.

Erdogan has stated that there will be “chaos” should the opposition win the 2023 elections and the Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime in Turkey no doubt intends to destabilize the country the way the Algerian Muslim Brotherhood caused the 1991-2002 Algerian civil war after the Algerian military declared the election results null and void after the Muslim Brotherhood had won the elections in 1990. The intention is no doubt to instigate genocide against the country’s Median Jewish minorities with the Sabbateans on the top of the kill list and subsequently regain power through violent means and restore the caliphate.

Israel and the Derin Devlet have a very strong common interest in preventing genocide and civil war in Turkey and we are therefore likely to see the introduction of martial rule in Turkey in response to the Islamist attempts to destabilize the country. The Mossad and the Derin Devlet are no doubt involved in extensive preparations to prevent genocide and civil war in Turkey as so much is at stake in there being a serious threat of a Second Holocaust against the Jewish nation, this time in Turkey.

The Mossad is the world’s most advanced and sophisticated intelligence agency which makes James Bond look primitive and the Mossad is no doubt training the Derin Devlet to give it an edge over the rival Turkey-based Muslim Brotherhood intelligence, Turkey’s second deep state which controls and operates agent Erdogan.

The potential for cooperation and integration between the Mossad and the Derin Devlet is literally limitless as the Sabbateans will change status from being patriotic Turks to being patriotic Israelis once they have immigrated to Israel. The fact that an independent Kurdish state in the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian sections of Kurdistan looks increasingly feasible is very much a consequence of the growing relationship between Israel and the Derin Devlet.

Historically has the Derin Devlet likely been complicit in the Turkish suppression of the Kurds in Turkey and although the Erdogan regime initially decriminalized the Kurdish language and granted greater freedom of expression in the Kurdish language has there in recent years been a regression as there are now few Kurdish news media outlets left in Turkey. Some 60% of Zazas are Alevis and a double-digit percentage minority of Kurds in Turkey are Alevis, meaning that there will eventually be significant Kurdish and Zaza populations in Israel once Median Jewish mass Aliyah becomes possible. As both Sabbatean Bektashis and other Median Jews immigrate to Israel will there no doubt be reconciliation between the Sabbateans on the one hand and the Alevi Zazas and the Alevi Kurds on the other in thus indirectly leading to the creation of Zaza and Kurdish autonomous regions in Turkey.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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