How to Stop Climate Change

The political efforts to stop climate change worldwide have so far been an astounding failure and will no doubt continue to fail. The notion that the effort to counter climate change is mainly a task for governments is a misconception. This misconstrues the essential role for governments in countering climate change. What then should governments do?

  1. Governments should spend vast sums on promoting research and development of sustainable technologies. Just like the United States Department of Defense has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies including the internet and the smartphone, so should the United States government focus its efforts against climate change on promoting research and development in sustainable technologies such as cellular agriculture, renewable energy and vehicular technologies based on renewable energy. Imagine if the vast EU research budget was focused on preventing climate change through technological innovation?
  1. Governments should ensure that technologies and industries responsible for climate change are not subsidized. The animal industry is today subsidized by governments around the world and the alternative protein industry therefore does not have fair conditions of competition. It is thus essential to end all government subsidies to industries responsible for climate change such as fossil fuels, the animal industry and the gasoline and diesel vehicle industry.
  1. Governments should be ready to outlaw entire technologies, industries and imports of such products once sustainable alternatives do exist that are economically competitive. Governments should openly declare their intention to do so years beforehand and this will spur change to sustainable technologies in all industries.

It is primarily the private sector that will develop and implement sustainable technologies but governments have an important role to play in enhancing this process and change.

One Trillion USD in R&D on Sustainable Technologies Would Resolve the Climate Crisis Within Ten Years

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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