Imperialism is the Greatest Threat

Totalitarian enemies of America whether Communist or Islamist typically describe democratic America as “imperialist”. Of course there is no American empire. America does not dominate other independent nations, like almost every other nation it aligns with foreign nations to promote its own interests. What is unique however about America is that it constantly across presidential administrations defines protection of the world’s democracies as an intrinsic national interest of the United States. America is in effect the leader of a worldwide commonwealth of democracies. Democracy in the world survives mainly thanks to America.

The threat against America and freedom around the world comes precisely from imperialist powers seeking to dominate other independent nations. There are today three imperialist powers, these are China, Iran and Russia which all pursue policies intent on world domination. America is the only impediment to Chinese world domination. America is the main obstacle to Iranian world domination. America is the main factor preventing Russia from swallowing other countries in its renewed quest for world domination. The democracies of Europe are all dependent on America for their survival in the face of resurgent Russian imperialism seeking to reach the Atlantic ocean. The democracies of Asia-Pacific are equally dependent upon America for their survival considering the threat of Chinese imperialism. Democratic Israel depends on America but is like democratic India able to defend itself on its own without American boots on the ground. Iranian WMD terrorism is a threat against nations around the world but the majority of nations that Iran intends to attack with chemical weapons after America and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program are democracies indeed. Russia is actively involved in hostile activities to subvert democracies around the world with the goal of causing internal strife leading to the downfall of democracy.

It should be said out aloud that America is not imperialist but rather the world’s democracies (including the United States) are threatened by resurgent imperialism worldwide. Imperialism is today the main external threat against America and other democracies around the world. Of course imperialism does not solely threaten democracies but imperialism in fact threatens most nations.

The US government needs to counter the rhetoric of totalitarians according to which America ostensibly is “imperialist” and rather reappropriate the term “anti-imperialism” and openly say that imperialism is the greatest threat against America and against all other nations threatened by the three imperialist powers. The threat is not China, Iran or Russia, but the imperialist ambitions of all three imperialist powers. None of the three would be a threat to other independent nations were it not for their ambitions to dominate other independent nations. Dictatorship per se is not a threat to fellow independent nations since dictatorships are usually limited to controlling their own citizens. Rather, imperialism is the main threat.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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