Accelerate the Process of Liberation

One of the most common themes of Russian propaganda is fearmongering with regard to so-called “escalation” despite Moscow itself doing everything possible to escalate the conflict short of using weapons of mass destruction or attacking further nations. Russian propagandists typically claim that Western deliveries of weapons to Ukraine leads to “escalation” although it is unclear what this means. The real question is how many years it is going to take to kick out all Russian soldiers from every inch of occupied Ukrainian territory? There is clearly a need to accelerate the process in order to restore peace in Europe as soon as possible, prevent WWIII in Europe and the MENA region and prevent a global Chinese WWIV by bringing a defeated post-war Russia into the American alliance system and thus contain China from all sides. Yes, this costs money but this is an investment in our collective security, also considering that Ukraine is a future NATO member. Furthermore, a shorter, more intensive, high tech war will not be more expensive than a longer, less intensive, low tech war. We need also consider the profoundly negative impact that the war has on the global economy and hence the imperative to make sure that this process of liberation concludes sooner rather than later. Thus, Ukraine needs to be provided with modern fighter aircraft, with high tech weaponry and with far more offensive weaponry. After all, this is simply economic, security and military self-interest for Western nations. Ukraine wants to be part of the global liberal democratic community of nations and who knows maybe post-Putin Russia will also want that once Russia is defeated, its army crushed and in desperate need of American protection from Chinese expansionism?

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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