Israeli Democracy is Currently Dysfunctional

Running a government coalition in a liberal democracy with a parliamentary basis half of which is anti-democratic is no easy feat. The question that should be asked is how liberal democracy can function under such circumstances? The answer of course is that it does not. The Israeli government is trying to rush through a number of bizarre draconian laws only months after coming to power, legislative proposals which show that this government has neither a liberal soul nor democratic instincts. President Biden has once more proven to be a true friend of Israel in pressing Prime Minister Netanyahu to compromise with the opposition on the judicial overhaul. It is true that Israel will demographically vastly change with Median Jewish mass Aliyah, yet it is uncertain when this will commence considering the profoundly uncertain outcome of the May 14, 2023 Turkish elections. The reality is that Israel has for the first time an illiberal regime and which furthermore is democratically illegitimate despite having come to power in accordance with the law. It is clear that the Biden administration will have to micromanage the Israeli government with respect to the Israeli government’s illiberal leanings. The alternative is a military coup to replace the current dysfunctional system with a constitution which defines the nation as a Jewish and Liberal state. I believe new mass demonstrations are only a matter of time unless Mr. Netanyahu is able to control his anti-democratic coalition partners.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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