Multiculturalism goes too far when it Tolerates Totalitarianism

Respecting other cultures and living in coexistence with others are important values, yet multiculturalism certainly goes too far when it is extended to respecting totalitarianism. Many advocates of multiculturalism deem all opposition to Islamism generally to be Islamophobic and intolerant. Theocracy which Islamists advocate is not compatible with freedom of religion, surely a cornerstone ofContinue reading “Multiculturalism goes too far when it Tolerates Totalitarianism”

Theocracy is Inconsistent with Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion is one the fundamentals of international law, yet one of the major political ideologies of our time, Islamism, does not agree with this. Freedom of religion fundamentally clashes with the very concept of theocracy and hence there is very much need for an international convention that would ban theocracy as a crimeContinue reading “Theocracy is Inconsistent with Freedom of Religion”