Islamism is Tearing Europe Apart

Islamdom has since the 1980s been a civilization in crisis since the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism came into the vogue. The popularity of Islamism has also affected Europe which has increasingly imported Islamism as well. Many European Muslims live in segregated neighborhoods where they are exposed to Islamist processes of Islamization and their children grow up with Islamist indoctrination.

Anti-Muslim political parties have increasingly gained ground in European countries due to the Islamist totalitarian threat. In Austria and France have the governments understood that the problem is Islamism and not regular Muslims and those governments say so officially. Yet there is no doubt that it is the rise of Islamism that is fueling the rise of the Anti-Muslim political parties.

There is no question that there is a clash of civilizations in Europe and many informed Europeans are drawing the conclusion that they must focus on integration rather than on immigration in order to heal society.

The Jewish community is fleeing Anti-Jewish Islamist persecution in Sweden’s third city Malmö which has a large Muslim minority. It is simply impossible for Jews to live in Malmö anymore, 76 years after the end of the Holocaust.

Sweden’s famous blasphemous artist Lars Vilks recently died in a tragic traffic accident after having lived under intense police surveillance hour by hour for many years due to the threat of Islamist assassination. Sweden’s Islamists greeted his death with triumph on social media. 

Without the Islamists and the associated problems would there be no Anti-Muslim political parties with their problematic democratic political credentials. In Western Europe are the Anti-Muslim political parties still in the minority but in eastern Europe are the Anti-Muslim political parties in power. Europeans are increasingly aware of the Islamist totalitarian threat and unfortunately does that more and more translate into Anti-Muslim animus.

Yet, the fact cannot be ignored that more immigration from Islamdom to Europe also de facto brings more Islamist immigration and hence fuels the rift, polarization and clash of civilization inside Europe. 

Denmark has stopped immigration from outside the European Union and Sweden’s conservative political opposition is advocating a similar policy. European decision-makers are facing the reality that the experiment with coexistence with Islam has not been successful but has rather led to racist segration, Islamist Islamization and Islamist dystopia instead of multicultural utopia. Where America is successful in integrating Muslim immigrants has Europe consistently failed. This is not to deny that there are many successful and integrated European Muslims but there are many millions more who are not.

Europe can no longer continue to pursue Muslim immigration without matching capacity for integration. As European immigration policies have become increasingly unsustainable with dire consequences for European societies is it likely that in the coming decade or two most European countries will follow in Denmark’s footsteps.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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