Understanding the AANES

Officially is the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) a socialist libertarian autonomous state. However, in practice it has not implemented any “socialist” or “libertarian” policies and de facto is the AANES independent from Ba’athist Syria. The de facto official ideology of the AANES is instead feminism which permeates all aspects of life in NES (North and East Syria). Feminism is the major force for liberalizing and democratizing NES and successfully so and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), the army of the AANES, is highly skilled at empowering local women. 

The SDF fights with American weapons but the real power behind the AANES is Israel, the main ally of the AANES. The Mossad restrains Turkey through the significant influence of the allied Derin Devlet, Turkey’s Sabbatean-controlled Deep State domestic intelligence apparatus. The Syrian regime knows full well that Israel’s hand is behind the AANES and therefore dares not attack the AANES for fear of Israeli air strikes. Iraq dares not attack the AANES because it knows that its forces would be crushed by Israel’s powerful air force. Israel is far more closely aligned to the AANES than to the KRG for the simple reason that the AANES is geographically much closer to Israel and therefore far more geostrategically relevant to Israel. The AANES-Israel relationship is however paradoxically far more secretive than the KRG-Israel relationship and this is due to the concerns of the AANES leadership. In both cases do American Jewish organizations lobby for Israel’s Kurdish allies in Washington D.C.

The KRG has since its establishment in 1992 made little progress towards democratization and is far less democratic than Arab Iraq. The AANES however, has since its establishment in 2012 made tremendous progress in terms of both liberalization and democratization. In fact, the AANES in its successful gradualist approach towards implementation of liberal democracy is a model for the entire Muslim world.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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