Naivety About Totalitarianism is Inexcusable

For every wave of totalitarianism there has also been the “useful idiots”, prominent intellectuals who were ready to stand up as apologists for totalitarian regimes and totalitarian movements. Communism probably had more useful idiots than any other form of totalitarianism, yet Nazism also had its share of useful idiots who would e.g. claim that Hitler was “a moderate”. Even Saddam Hussein had apologists in the West such as the well-known Swedish journalist Jan Guillou who with his then girlfriend Marina Stagh in 1977 published a book (“Irak – det nya Arabien”, Swedish for ‘Iraq – The New Arabia’) that glorified Ba’athist Iraq. Ours is the era of Islamism and most apologists for Islamism or “useful infidels” are found in academia where they dominate Islamic and Middle Eastern studies.

Considering the historical crimes of totalitarianism, including the vast crimes of Islamist regimes, i.e. those of Iran, the Taliban and ISIL, is naivety about totalitarianism completely inexcusable. There are simply no excuses and there are no apparent answers for how to deal with the “useful infidels” other than that there is an urgent need for new competing academic schools of thought that can eventually supplant the collaborationist paradigm currently in place in academia. Furthermore, Anti-Semitism is a salient feature of most forms of totalitarianism and Islamism is no exception and the academic acceptance of Islamism therefore constitutes tacit normalization of Anti-Semitism, something very worrying indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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